Birth of a guru

Raym’s ap­pren­tice learns a lot about judge­ment as a client finds his life’s pur­pose while look­ing for some­thing else.

Living Now - - Contents - by Raym Richards

Raym’s ap­pren­tice learns a lot about judge­ment as a client finds his life’s pur­pose while look­ing for some­thing else.

“DO NOT JUDGE this book by its cover,” I ad­vise my re­bel­lious, in­dige­nous ap­pren­tice. I can see her eyes rolling as a sleek shiny new Tesla, hums to a stop next to our stu­dio. I find my self ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a rare mo­ment of envy.

Jonathan is an af­flu­ent advertising ex­ec­u­tive. Af­ter over­work and a messy di­vorce took him to an emo­tional rock bot­tom, he is here to find out why it all hap­pened, so he can be at peace.

“Wealth does not al­ways equal cor­rup­tion and des­e­cra­tion of the land.” I am al­most speak­ing to my­self as I gaze at his very ex­pen­sive “green” car.

“In my world it does”, she grum­bles. Putting on her sweet and in­no­cent, child-of-the-bush face, she greets my client.

Sur­pris­ingly, for such a left-brained per­son, Jonathan en­ters an ex­panded state of con­scious­ness easily. We clear past life trauma and at­tach­ments, each tak­ing him into a deeper un­der­stand­ing of his choices and ex­pe­ri­ences in this life.

I sense my ap­pren­tice is be­com­ing bored with what to her has be­come a rou­tine ses­sion. We feel close to com­pletely clear­ing Jonathan when I hear my ap­pren­tice’s thin, wa­ver­ing voice…

“The sun isn’t usu­ally this bright at this time of day. It is get­ting re­ally bright and hot in here.” A long pause. “Sorry.” Then I hear her sob­bing. “What’s hap­pen­ing?” “I just feel so… happy. I can’t say that I have ever felt like this be­fore.”

“Ob­serve what is hap­pen­ing with us in no-time-space and you will un­der­stand.”

Jonathan telepaths me. My whole body is tin­gling, I feel very clear, ex­panded.

How far does your con­scious­ness reach? He starts cry­ing. It stretches for­ever. I am con­nected to ev­ery­thing. How does that feel? In­de­scrib­ably beau­ti­ful. His sobs fall into a strange uni­son with my ap­pren­tice.

Call on the be­ings who love you un­con­di­tion­ally. In­vite them to join us now.

They are telling me I am now clear and that there is some­one here to meet me…

I start to feel emo­tional my­self as a ra­di­ant be­ing steps for­ward: I think I recog­nise him.

I re­call read­ing a poem just be­fore I left, about my beloved Ganges, the Hi­malayas and… The youth­ful look­ing, long haired, round faced Master sounds wist­ful.

I am hon­oured. The usu­ally cocky ex­ec­u­tive ex­presses him­self with true hu­mil­ity.

Let us walk to­gether… The Master places his hand on Jonathan’s shoul­der

as they stroll through a beau­ti­ful gar­den, chat­ting.

“Pay at­ten­tion”, I whis­per to my ap­pren­tice.

The Master ex­plains to Jonathan that prior to birth they made an agree­ment that, when he reached a point of clar­ity and one­ness in this life, they could merge, be­com­ing one, work­ing to­gether for the greater good of hu­man­ity if he chose to do so.

“Soul braid­ing!” My ap­pren­tice is pleased to be wit­ness­ing what was, un­til to­day, a con­cept.

Jonathan, if you feel ready we have work to do. The Master em­braces him

It is clear that Jonathan has a choice: to em­body the Master he is aligned with and walk to­gether – or not. He may con­tinue as a pros­per­ous busi­ness­man or rad­i­cally change his life and take a to­tally dif­fer­ent path.

We re­turn to our cur­rent time and place: a very dif­fer­ent Jonathan opens his eyes. “Wow. That was a lot to take in. Does this mean I am him?”

“You will have worked to­gether in the past. Now if you wish, you may work to­gether again, only this time you will em­body his wis­dom and love. It is en­tirely up to you. Take your time to in­te­grate this ex­pe­ri­ence. This could mean mak­ing some big changes in your life.”

My stunned ap­pren­tice shows him to his flashy car and waves good­bye.

“I know you have seen this be­fore. What usu­ally hap­pens?” Her fo­cus has re­turned to learn­ing.

“For a few it is a ma­jor shift but for many it is all too much and very lit­tle changes. Some are able to em­body the love and teach­ings of the Master con­cerned in their in­ter­ac­tions with oth­ers in their daily lives. With­out any­body know­ing who is in­volved and what is hap­pen­ing, that is enough.”

“What are the chances of him truly em­body­ing this be­ing and shar­ing his teach­ings based on un­con­di­tional love again? He looks pretty ma­te­ri­al­is­tic to me.”

“Many things will con­spire against him: his mind, ego, fam­ily obli­ga­tions, com­mu­nity sta­tus and the fear of be­ing judged can all un­der­mine his po­ten­tial. How­ever Jonathan stands an ex­cel­lent chance of be­com­ing a great teacher and am­bas­sador for peace. He has a clear mind and and the right kind of worldly ex­pe­ri­ence to make this work. He knows his ex­pe­ri­ence here was au­then­tic. Let’s keep an eye on him. I be­lieve he may fol­low through.”

“Re­ally? Wow, a guru is born…” She looks gen­uinely starry eyed. “So what about you?” n

Raym is a shaman and teacher of teach­ers. He teaches his Crys­tal Dream­ing™ tech­nique world­wide and takes tours of sa­cred sites in the UK. His sto­ries are based on ac­tual, real life ex­pe­ri­ences.

Tom Fran­cis Mu­sic CD (37 min­utes)


From Up There is an un­der­stated gem, recorded and mixed at By­ron Bay. Tom Fran­cis is a lo­cal artist who does some­thing that a lot of Aus­tralian artists seem to do so very well: laid-back acous­tic mu­sic with soul. You wouldn’t know it un­less you read the sleeve notes, but From Up There is a mu­si­cal jour­ney that has been inspired by the writ­ings and teach­ings of the Baha’i faith: the songs are like lit­tle fables and the sto­ry­telling is ut­terly su­perb. De­spite the spir­i­tual in­flu­ences it main­tains a very com­mer­cial feel, and it’s not im­pos­si­ble to imag­ine these songs be­ing played on JJJ. Ob­vi­ously in­flu­enced by the By­ron Bay artis­tic cul­ture, this is the sound­track of the Aus­tralian sum­mer: back­yards, bar­be­ques and beaches with a lit­tle bit of added depth. His tone has a slight raspi­ness that adds char­ac­ter and warmth: it is truly the voice of a sea­soned sto­ry­teller and the songs are uni­formly thought­ful and re­flec­tive. Fans of acous­tic troubadours in the vein of Pas­sen­ger, Stu Larsen and An­gus Stone will find much to ap­pre­ci­ate here.

Sen­sual Seed Or­a­cle Card Deck Chris­tine Ford 44 cards and guide­book


The tagline for the Sen­sual Seed or­a­cle deck is “ex­plore the beauty of be­ing you”, and it has been de­signed to help fa­cil­i­tate a sen­sual and ful­fill­ing re­la­tion­ship with your true self. The deck it­self is strik­ing, and the neon fuch­sia box and funky fonts are thor­oughly mod­ern in style (the gilt edg­ing adds a rich sense of lux­ury as well). This is the kind of or­a­cle that will no doubt con­nect with women of all ages, but will par­tic­u­larly res­onate with young women and teenage girls. Amanda Kennedy’s art­work strikes just the right bal­ance of fem­i­nin­ity, power and beauty, and it suits the themes of the cards per­fectly. Each one is up­lift­ing and in­spir­ing with evoca­tive key words like ‘spir­ited’, ‘em­pow­ered’ and ‘vi­brant’. The beauty of Sen­sual Seed is that it has mul­ti­ple uses: the in­di­vid­ual cards can be used as daily af­fir­ma­tions, as med­i­ta­tion prompts or as an or­a­cle to gen­er­ate in­sight. Em­pow­er­ing and bold, Sen­sual Seed is a won­der­ful ex­am­ple of a main­stream or­a­cle deck that will ap­peal to a wide range of con­tem­po­rary users.

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