Forget most of what your head tells you – Keep your fo­cus on your out­come, your vi­sion –

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That doesn’t mean that, when your heart gets bro­ken, or you lose your job, or have a car accident, or get evicted from your home, you don’t ex­pe­ri­ence the hu­man emo­tions or es­cape feel­ing the trauma of those types of chal­lenges. They can feel like real set­backs. mind, find a de­vel­op­ment cir­cle, do psy­chom­e­try read­ings on friends, be­fore you see the name on your phone, in­tuit who is call­ing. You need to trust your in­tu­ition, your in­ner voice; so you don’t sec­ond-guess your­self. Fol­low your heart – it knows what the soul wants. It’s your soul’s GPS. It won’t lead you astray. Let me un­der­line the im­por­tance of this: you can­not make a wrong choice when you fol­low your heart. This en­tirely re­moves the dif­fi­cul­ties out of de­ci­sion­mak­ing. When my eight-year-old son asks me what he should do, I sim­ply re­mind him, “What does your heart want?”, and he al­ways knows. states at the same time. So choose a bet­ter state – find the fun­ni­est movie and watch it, put on the most upbeat mu­sic, go hang out with your fun­ni­est friend… do any­thing to raise your vi­bra­tion.

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