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Mas­ter Tao is a mas­ter of Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Ther­apy which has been passed down to him through 14 gen­er­a­tions; only one per­son re­ceiv­ing the teach­ing in each gen­er­a­tion.

As­sisted by his wife Lucy, Mas­ter Tao teaches and prac­tices his chi gong, help­ing his pa­tients to pre­vent dis­ease and achieve health and well-be­ing.

Mas­ter Tao prac­tices chi gong for 3 to 4 hours ev­ery night to gather the chi of the uni­verse which he then emits dur­ing the ther­apy.

Chi: ac­cord­ing to an­cient phi­los­o­phy, chi creates the whole uni­verse and there­fore the hu­man body. When chi cir­cu­lates in the body, its move­ment creates en­ergy. Chi re­moves pain, can cure in­fec­tion and sup­ple­ments nu­tri­tion.

Di­ag­no­sis and treat­ment: when mas­ter Tao di­ag­noses you, you don’t have to say any­thing. Once he puts his hand near your body, Mas­ter Tao will know your health con­di­tion. Then he will tell you what’s wrong, its cause, and the root of the prob­lem. This can also be done via photo-di­ag­no­sis, in case the pa­tient is un­able to see mas­ter Tao at the clinic, as a chi gong treat­ment can be fa­cil­i­tated even at long-dis­tance.

Treat­ment of diseases: as part of the treat­ment, mas­ter Tao teaches chi gong to the pa­tient who is en­cour­aged to prac­tise it reg­u­larly. Mas­ter Tao says that with con­fi­dence, ev­ery­thing can be cured. Chi Gong Daoyin is ben­e­fi­cial in the treat­ment of a wide range of con­di­tions in­clud­ing spinal prob­lems, sports in­juries, chronic con­di­tions, heart diseases, high blood pres­sure, women’s health, in­fer­til­ity etc – and mas­ter Tao is very con­fi­dent in treat­ing th­ese.

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