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Did you know that you are more likely to re­spond to a stubbed toe than an im­bal­anced emo­tional state? That is what Ken­dall Salz­man tells us in her ar­ti­cle in the ki­ne­si­ol­ogy fea­ture this is­sue.

It sounds hu­mor­ous but, think­ing about it, it does seem likely. It’s most of­ten eas­ier to fix a stubbed toe.

I guess the peo­ple in our fam­ily are more likely to re­spond to the im­bal­anced emo­tional state as they have to put up with our dys­func­tions.

Re­ally, I of­ten think we should sub­ti­tle this mag­a­zine “how to get rid of your dys­func­tions”. Why, in this very is­sue, there is just about ev­ery pos­si­ble way to do so – in both ar­ti­cle and ad for­mat. You’ll en­joy find­ing them I am sure. There are paths for peo­ple who like phys­i­cal ways of deal­ing with both men­tal and phys­i­cal is­sues; meth­ods for peo­ple who want to think it to bits, wrest­ing and grap­pling with a prob­lem like a dog with a bone; and tech­niques for those who re­ally get into emot­ing – but here’s the thing: they all work.

Speak­ing of a path that works – I have to re­ally rec­om­mend ki­ne­si­ol­ogy. It’s a fab­u­lous modal­ity that is some­times hard to pin down as it has so many dif­fer­ent ways of ex­press­ing it­self. We are proud to give you a dozen sto­ries about ki­ne­si­ol­ogy here in a fea­ture. You’ll find a re­ally rich can­vas painted with ar­ti­cles that are in­ter­est­ing, in­for­ma­tive and an en­joy­able read. Next month the edi­to­rial fea­ture that we have planned is on med­i­ta­tion and mind­ful­ness. So if this is your field of ex­per­tise, do get in touch with us – pronto – as we launch into the next one al­most be­fore this one hits the streets. Both ar­ti­cles and ads are wel­comed.

Some very wise peo­ple say that love is the bot­tom line – it’s the glue of the uni­verse. Even pop­u­lar songs tell us so. There­fore doesn’t it stand to rea­son that we should learn to love our­selves first? Read A.C. Ping’s ar­ti­cle in this is­sue for his usual pithy wis­dom plus a re­minder to do the self-love thing, and his sum­ma­tion of the prob­lems we of­ten face is that fear is at the bot­tom. Dou­glas Cooney’s ar­ti­cle also tells us about self-love.

Of course we are bring­ing you lots and lots of health ad­vice as usual, spirituality and per­sonal de­vel­op­ment, plus some re­la­tion­ships help and a few so­cial and en­vi­ron­men­tal com­men­taries – some­thing for the whole per­son.

Look at Martin Oliver’s ar­ti­cle on dan­de­lion dol­lars. Do you think we could start that here too?

What do you think of our new look this time? I hope you en­joy the look and feel and the bet­ter qual­ity. I have not felt it yet, be­cause, as you re­alise, I am writ­ing this be­fore it is printed, but it is likely that it feels thin­ner than the last one. This would be be­cause the pa­per we are us­ing tends to tamp down more, and the pre­vi­ous pa­per fluffed up. How­ever, it is 72 pages long – and you’ll see plenty of va­ri­ety of sto­ries in that.

We would like to wel­come the Al­liance for Nat­u­ral Health to this is­sue – see their ban­ner below. We have agreed on a col­lab­o­ra­tion where they pro­vide us each is­sue with their well-re­searched and beau­ti­fully writ­ten ar­ti­cles and their in­vi­ta­tion for you to join their email news­let­ter (no cost to you). They are based in the UK, and do amaz­ing work, glob­ally. If you have a par­tic­u­lar topic that you would like to see ex­am­ined, please feel free to drop a line to [email protected]­ing­ and you may very well see an ar­ti­cle here in fu­ture. Their ar­ti­cle this is­sue is on tam­pons – per­haps you will read it and pass it on to friends and re­los!

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