The myths and magic of fem­i­nine sex­u­al­ity

Do you feel that you may be miss­ing some­thing in your per­sonal re­la­tion­ship? Janet ex­plains what may be amiss.

Living Now - - Contents - by Janet Mcgeever

Do you feel that you may be miss­ing some­thing in your per­sonal re­la­tion­ship? Janet ex­plains what may be amiss.

In a world where sex is a com­mod­ity, used to buy, sell, ex­tort, harm and oth­er­wise di­min­ish the very na­ture of its God-given qual­i­ties, the im­pact on women is sub­lim­i­nal. So fine is the in­flu­ence that we don’t even know we are be­ing in­flu­enced. It is at the very least ob­jec­ti­fy­ing.

At times, even the word ‘sa­cred’ has been di­min­ished from its holy ground when used along­side the word sex.

This has vast and cat­a­strophic ef­fects on women and their re­la­tion­ship with their own bod­ies, and their in­ti­mate re­la­tion­ships, how they birth, how they mother, how they live and work, how they show up in the world.

Women’s free­dom has been mis­con­strued into some dis­torted male ver­sion of fem­i­nin­ity and sex­u­al­ity that leave some women bereft of their phys­i­cal re­sources, com­pet­i­tive be­yond be­lief, hard­ened in their hearts while deeply yearn­ing for love.

So much con­fu­sion sur­rounds this sub­ject and yet it is shrouded by tan­ta­lis­ing mys­tery. Thus the seeker is born, tempted by all and ev­ery­thing in the name of sex­ual spirituality; ever look­ing out­side, ever chas­ing the rain­bow of ec­stasy just be­yond the next hill of self-doubt, shame and at times self-ha­tred.

There is very lit­tle truly ef­fec­tive sex education be­cause of the lack of one qual­ity – the qual­ity of love. We know when we feel it. We know when it spon­ta­neously arises. But how can we foster love when we are shut down, an­gry or con­fused? Or when we are play­ing a role in sex.

When a woman can fi­nally let go of the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of ‘be­ing some­one or some­thing’ in sex, she en­ters a world she has been ach­ing for, one she knew was pos­si­ble all along.

While she is still en­gaged with the sen­sa­tion of sex, al­ways seek­ing some­thing, she will miss the boat that could set sail on the gen­tle, yet wild, sea of her awak­ened heart, mind and body.

When she fi­nally stops the search, she can leave the de­serted is­land of starved love, lies and loss, gather her be­long­ings and get ready for the voy­age of her life­time: the in­ner voy­age, the voy­age of the heart. Then she can stop liv­ing in sub­sis­tence, just sur­viv­ing day to day, and start thriv­ing as the alive, vi­brant, vi­tal woman she knows she can in­her­ently be.

The Fem­i­nine is a force that can be har­nessed en­er­get­i­cally with un­der­stand­ing; an un­der­stand­ing that the an­cient car­ri­ers of fe­male knowl­edge, the mid­wives, have known all along. To awaken this knowl­edge within each woman, and thus each man, could po­ten­tially have an en­dur­ing and deeply heal­ing ef­fect on re­la­tion­ships, on fam­i­lies, and our planet. n

Janet Mcgeever and her part­ner, Gene Thomp­son, are the au­tho­rised Aus­tralian pre­sen­ters of The Mak­ing Love Re­treat, as cre­ated by Diana Richard­son, the pi­o­neer of the Slow Sex move­ment and au­thor of the book and movie Slow Sex.

Janet is also Liv­ing­now editor’s guest at a lun­cheon for women in Mel­bourne city, April, 2016.

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