Re­con­nec­tive Heal­ing® used on plants shows amaz­ing re­sults

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Why do we in­gest poi­sons to get well? It seems counter-in­tu­itive at best. We’ve be­come so de­sen­si­tised by our no-painn-o-gain at­ti­tudes that the on­slaught of elec­tive surg­eries and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals with fright­en­ing reper­cus­sions don’t cause us to bat an eye. But when we men­tion the word ‘healer’, eye-rolling and images of flow­ing robes, crys­tals, in­cense and wands en­sue. This skewed per­cep­tion leads us to ac­cept tem­po­rary, of­ten coun­ter­pro­duc­tive, treat­ment over ac­tual heal­ing.

We need to un­der­stand that the body heals it­self. For ex­am­ple, a cast on a bro­ken an­kle al­lows it to be pro­tected while the bone re­pairs it­self. The phi­los­o­phy be­hind Re­con­nec­tive Heal­ing® (RH) stems from this con­cept that true heal­ing is re­cov­ery: a re­turn to an op­ti­mal state of bal­ance, health and vi­tal­ity. Pre­scrip­tions, im­plants and chem­i­cal in­jec­tions can cover up symp­toms, but they don’t cor­rect the root of an ail­ment. Re­con­nec­tive Heal­ing is a new ap­proach to health­care that utilises el­e­ments at hand in our nat­u­ral environment. RH fo­cuses on the di­rec­tion of light, en­ergy, and vi­bra­tion as com­po­nents of heal­ing that can re­turn us to bal­ance from phys­i­cal and men­tal ail­ments: can­cers, Aids-re­lated dis­eases, epilepsy, rheuma­toid and os­teoarthri­tis, chronic fa­tigue and emo­tional af­flic­tion.

Call it nat­u­ral or al­ter­na­tive heal­ing, but in the end, Re­con­nec­tive Heal­ing isn’t a the­ol­ogy; it’s a branch of med­i­cal science. In a study con­ducted by Gary Schwartz, PH.D., Lab Di­rec­tor of Ad­vances in Con­scious­ness and Health at the Uni­ver­sity of Ari­zona, re­searchers mea­sured the longevity of four groups of leaves that had been taken from the same tree. The con­trol leaves were left to die nat­u­rally, and they per­ished in 3-12 days. The se­cond set of leaves had gone through ses­sions of Reiki, and they dis­played a quick start to re­cov­ery, even be­com­ing greener, but this faded quickly. The third set went through Qi Gong, and while re­cov­ery started more slowly than with Reiki, the leaves stayed vi­brant for a longer time. How­ever, when Re­con­nec­tive Heal­ing was ap­plied to the fourth set, the heal­ing be­gan quickly, some leaves re­gen­er­at­ing roots, and their life­spans lasted up to 90 days.

The most as­ton­ish­ing thing about Re­con­nec­tive Heal­ing, how­ever, is not its proven abil­ity to heal, but how eas­ily it can be learned. We don’t ont need to drain our bank ac­counts or de­velop de­pen­den­cies on ex­ter­nal­nal sub­stances for health­care. The gift of Re­con­nec­tive e Heal­ing has been taught to more than 100,000 peo­ple in over 75 coun­tries. A two-part train­ing pro­gram al­lows for par­tic­i­pants to dis­cov­err and ex­plore RH Fre­quen­cies and even open up their r own heal­ing fa­cil­i­ties. This grow­ing so­ci­ety has been fea­tured on CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, and in the New York Times.

This year, Dr. Eric Pearl and the Re­con­nec­tive Heal­ing teach­ing team will be in Syd­ney from July 22-26. They’ll be host­ing a 5-day com­pre­hen­sive train­ing pro­gram at the In­ter­con­ti­nen­tal Syd­ney. The first night fea­tures three and a half hours of pre­sen­ta­tion, dis­cus­sion, and demon­stra­tions on the science of Re­con­nec­tive Heal­ing. This is fol­lowed by two days of Level I train­ing, wherein par­tic­i­pants learn to work with the fre­quen­cies them­selves. Level II is ad­vanced train­ing to be­come a Foun­da­tional Prac­ti­tioner.

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