The hid­den cause of re­peated ac­ci­dents

A re­fer­ral from a lo­cal GP un­cov­ers the cause of a client’s mys­te­ri­ous, re­peated head trau­mas.

Living Now - - Contents - By Raym Richards

by Raym Richards A re­fer­ral from a lo­cal GP un­cov­ers the cause of a client’s mys­te­ri­ous, re­peated head trau­mas.

Iar­rive at my client Maria’s sham­bolic cabin, which ap­pears de­serted. Tap­ping at the front door, my ap­pren­tice jumps out of her skin when it qui­etly eases open to re­veal a pasty and di­sheveled young lady who looks as pale as a ghost.

“Oh, you came. I don’t think I am well enough to do this”, she whis­pers us­ing the door as a sup­port. “I have a split­ting headache. I feel sick and weak, could you come another time?”

My young ap­pren­tice turns to me rolling her eyes. She knows how rare it is for me to even con­sider a home visit. She also knows that I have lit­tle pa­tience for mi­nor dis­trac­tions, such as pain or nau­sea. “I am here now. Let’s talk.” I step for­ward.

The door opens to re­veal the chaos of her stuffy, gloomy liv­ing room, com­plete with mat­tress, dis­carded clothes, hot water bot­tles and an ar­ray of dishes dec­o­rated by ran­dom, un­fin­ished meals. Maria shuf­fles across the floor look­ing 30 years older than her 24 years.

My ap­pren­tice, read­ing my mind, opens doors and win­dows and re­ar­ranges the mat­tress in a north-south di­rec­tion, un­pack­ing the crys­tals for our layout with a fo­cussed, prac­tised ease. I sense she is won­der­ing if this is go­ing to be one of the rare cases that I re­fer to a psy­chi­a­trist.

Maria has been in this state for over a year and her sis­ter has dili­gently at­tended to her ev­ery need de­spite ver­bal abuse from Maria. She has tried every­thing she can think of to snap her out of her tor­por and is now at her wit’s end. Maria has not left her home for a long time and has ex­pe­ri­enced sev­eral mi­nor con­cus­sions. Both her GP and sis­ter have re­quested I see her.

Since child­hood, Maria has suf­fered a se­ries mi­nor head in­juries, which she be­lieves are caus­ing her headaches now. How­ever her GP has ad­vised me that there is no phys­i­cal or psy­cho­log­i­cal rea­son for her on­go­ing pain and lack of abil­ity to be with other peo­ple, par­tic­u­larly her sis­ter.

We talk as my ap­pren­tice ti­dies up and shares her win­ning smile. I ex­plain that all nau­sea and pain are tem­po­rary il­lu­sions and per­suade Maria to lie in the man­dala of crys­tals laid out around her mat­tress. We en­ter an ex­panded state of con­scious­ness to­gether and my ap­pren­tice ob­serves. I feel in­tense pain in my head, she telepaths as we scan her body. Command your body to take you to the mo­ment it started... Maria writhes in pain. Why are they do­ing this to me?

She is be­ing pinned down with elec­trodes held to her tem­ples in prepa­ra­tion for elec­tric shock treat­ment.

She is a woman be­ing treated in a cold, clin­i­cal and love­less lu­natic asy­lum in the early to mid twen­ti­eth cen­tury.

I never hurt any­one! I just see and hear things they don’t! I am harm­less. This is aw­ful.

Now there is a man stand­ing next to me. He is rav­ing at me.

Ask him to show you when you were friends.

He was with me in the asy­lum. He had the same treat­ment as me. We be­came friends but he lost his mind. We promised to look out for each other and he is still here keep­ing his prom­ise, but he is to­tally mad.

“A mad earthbound spirit. That’s a new one”, my ap­pren­tice whis­pers to her­self.

It takes some time to re­as­sure him and re­lease him into the care of his loved ones, but in the end he leaves in peace. How is your head now? Bet­ter, but it still hurts. There is some­thing else... As she fo­cusses on the pain in her head, her body takes her to an an­cient time where her large non-hu­man form trig­gers deep fear in peo­ple. She is a dragon.

I know I am big and scary look­ing to them, but I would never hurt them. Why do they hate me? They are spear­ing me; my head! Oh… I am dy­ing. I am lost. Where is my fam­ily?

I call on her fam­ily from that time to help. The re­union with her loved ones, the other large crea­tures of her kind, is beau­ti­ful and many thou­sands of years over­due. For the first time since she was a small child she to­tally re­laxes and she ex­pe­ri­ences her body free of pain.

I have missed them SO much. They are telling me that I can be a bridge be­tween them and hu­mans. Their de­scen­dants are here now. They are the big cetaceans. I can com­mu­ni­cate with them.

She starts cry­ing, a mix­ture of joy, re­lief, sad­ness and grief.

As my ap­pren­tice packs up Maria stands next to us erect, her eyes clear and bright, a new woman.

We leave the cabin and, out of earshot, my ap­pren­tice re­leases the thought bub­ble I can see has been both­er­ing her. “I un­der­stand that the body will draw at­ten­tion to the area in which emo­tional trau­mas are held by trig­ger­ing re­peated phys­i­cal dra­mas in the same place, but this feels in­com­plete. I sense there is more to be done”.

“You are right. She had a co-de­pen­dent re­la­tion­ship with her past life friend with the same trauma. She will miss him, even though his pres­ence was caus­ing her pain. There is a chance that her feel­ing of loss may open the door to another at­tach­ment. I want you to visit her again, re­as­sure her and teach her some psy­chic self­pro­tec­tion.” “Sure. So that’s it?” “Not quite. This has been go­ing on for some time and she and her sis­ter have also built up a co-de­pen­dent re­la­tion­ship, I will re­fer them both to a coun­sel­lor.” “So we didn’t get to fix every­thing?” “Our work is com­plete. Now we hand over to other modal­i­ties to fin­ish the job. They all have their place. To­day we have re­moved all blocks to their suc­cess.” ■

I talk through the process of re­lease and for­give­ness that will stop the need for her body to hold on to the trauma and the pain eases. We scan her body again.

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