Lomilomi – deep flow

It is un­der­stood in lomilomi that health is a state of peace and har­mony, and ill­ness is caused by stress and dishar­mony.

Living Now - - Contents - by Tracey Na­makanaokalani Ha’ao­lakaina­pali

It is un­der­stood in lomilomi that health is a state of peace and har­mony, and ill­ness is caused by stress and dishar­mony.

The tra­di­tional heal­ers of Hawaii knew that there were spe­cial ways to re­lease and un­block the pow­ers of the body so that phys­i­cal, men­tal, emo­tional and spir­i­tual heal­ing could take place more quickly and com­pletely.

Prac­ti­tion­ers skilled in Hawai­ian heal­ing prac­tices un­der­stand that, be­fore you touch the phys­i­cal body, the men­tal and emo­tional must be in har­mony. They must first be re­con­nected with their spirit – and this ap­plies to both prac­ti­tioner and client. Only then can phys­i­cal ‘heal­ing’ fully oc­cur.

All these el­e­ments: pule (prayer), oli (chant), ha (breath), kai (salt water), pa’akai (sea salt) or alaea (red clay sea salt) for cleans­ing and clear­ing, along with ho’opono­pono (‘mak­ing right more right’) are in­te­gral as­pects of the heal­ing process; once these as­pects are at­tended to, then the phys­i­cal body­work can be done.

While ‘ tech­nique’ is an im­por­tant part of the mas­sage and as­so­ci­ated heal­ing, ‘lis­ten­ing’ to the client and their body with aloha, re­spect and com­pas­sion for the client, rather than treat­ing them as an ob­ject to be ‘ fixed’, al­lows for har­mony to be cre­ated within the body. A prac­ti­tioner may work gen­tly yet deeply into the mus­cles us­ing con­tin­u­ous, flow­ing strokes, to­tally nur­tur­ing the body en­abling the re­cip­i­ent to re­lax and sim­ply be.

They may also in­cor­po­rate deeper, spe­cific strokes or stretches to as­sist the ‘un­block­ing’, ini­ti­at­ing a ‘let­ting go’ of old be­liefs, pat­terns and be­hav­iours that no longer serve you and cause lim­i­ta­tions, while at the same time giv­ing the en­ergy new di­rec­tion and set­ting new pat­terns.

Lomilomi re­leases and re­laxes ten­sion in the body as­sist­ing in al­low­ing the body to carry out its own heal­ing. It is not sim­ply a mas­sage but an in­te­gra­tive prac­tice which has the ca­pac­ity to as­sist heal­ing on many lev­els. It could be con­sid­ered a com­bi­na­tion of many ‘modal­itlies’ used to bring the body into bal­ance, re­align the spirit, with cor­rec­tive think­ing fo­cussed pos­i­tively to heal.

Touch is an of­ten for­got­ten and ma­ligned lan­guage these days. When a lomilomi prac­ti­tioner touches the body of a per­son, it is with to­tal re­spect and aloha. Un­der­stand­ing the prin­ci­ple that en­ergy flows where at­ten­tion goes, the prac­ti­tioner is to­tally fo­cused on the client’s body and be­ing. It is more than sim­ply touching or ‘work­ing’ on the body. Rather it is as­sist­ing the phys­i­cal body to be­come soft and deeply re­laxed, to re­store bal­ance and al­low heal­ing at the deep­est lev­els of body, mind and spirit.

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