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Living Now - - Editorial - In ser­vice & grat­i­tude, Emma

Wel­come to the 200th edi­tion – a great mo­ment to con­nect, cel­e­brate and step up!

Wow; 200, eh..? A mile­stone such as this gives cause to re­flect on what has changed...

I re­mem­ber, 27 years ago, com­ing home from school to help my par­ents lay the mag­a­zine out; cut­ting and past­ing im­ages, stick­ing them onto pages with hot wax… bro­mides... Any of you ‘old-school’ print­ers or de­sign­ers will prob­a­bly know what I’m talk­ing about!

Dig­i­tal pub­lish­ing has com­pletely changed that process …quicker to do most of the pro­cesses, less staff needed in some sec­tions and thank­fully a much faster turn-around time – very help­ful in this age of im­me­di­ate grat­i­fi­ca­tion! Per­son­ally, I love to still do some things in ‘slow’ mode, tak­ing my time to savour… But busi­ness, in many as­pects, seems to ben­e­fit from be­ing able to be prompt!

The in­ter­net, of course, has also rev­o­lu­tionised mod­ern life. We now have in­for­ma­tion at our fin­ger­tips (some­times at the detri­ment of get­ting away from our com­puter screen, tablet or smart­phone and spend­ing qual­ity time with friends and loved ones... smelling the roses…!).

De­spite this, the www also has the ca­pac­ity to build com­mu­ni­ties; and these com­mu­ni­ties can now build on shared val­ues rather than just lo­ca­tion – in many cases over­com­ing the tyranny of dis­tance that can be an un­for­tu­nate con­se­quence of liv­ing in such a vast land (or even the an­noy­ance of driv­ing through traf­fic), or through be­ing in dif­fer­ent coun­tries. With this in mind, we have re-fo­cussed our at­ten­tion on us­ing this re­source – and the 200th print an­niver­sary cel­e­bra­tions are joined by the launch of a brand new web­site…

Hope­fully you will have no­ticed the back cover of this De­cem­ber mag­a­zine which de­scribes a com­pe­ti­tion: we want to en­cour­age the strength­en­ing of our Liv­ing­now com­mu­nity – and we’ve been joined by some of our great ad­ver­tis­ing sup­port­ers to make a fun – and po­ten­tially very re­ward­ing – way to en­gage with Liv­ing­now on­line and be an even MORE en­gaged com­mu­nity mem­ber...

The ar­ti­cles in this is­sue have been se­lected to high­light the new on­line tax­on­omy. You’ll see them grouped into five main cat­e­gories, with sev­eral sub­cat­e­gories within each:


Eco Fash­ion, Prod­ucts & Ser­vices

En­vi­ron­ment, Eth­i­cal & Eco Agri­cul­ture

Sus­tain­able Build­ing, De­vel­op­ment & En­ergy


Chil­dren & Fam­ily

Love, Sex & Sex­u­al­ity

Pol­i­tics, So­cial De­vel­op­ment & Jus­tice

The Arts & Ex­pres­sion


Diet, Nutri­tion & Recipes

Health & Heal­ing

Men’s Health

Women’s Health



In­sight & Self Aware­ness

Me­ta­physics, Phi­los­o­phy & Tra­di­tional Wis­dom

Peo­ple, Bi­ogra­phies & In­ter­views

Places, Travel & Re­treats


Med­i­ta­tion & Mind­ful­ness

Coach­ing, Coun­selling & Per­sonal De­vel­op­ment

Yoga, Dance & Move­ment

We’re cov­er­ing this range of top­ics so that you’ll have even more tools at your fin­ger­tips to be able to make the kinds of trans­for­ma­tions in your world that you’re aim­ing at!

With all the changes that we have seen, one thing re­mains, and that’s the need for the in­for­ma­tion and in­spi­ra­tion that Liv­ing­now pro­vides. Every year we get read­ers’ feed­back on how their lives have been changed though read­ing some­thing, or go­ing to a course or a prac­ti­tioner from these pages – we even have peo­ple telling us that they turned away from con­tem­plat­ing sui­cide through be­ing up­lifted by some­thing they’ve read in Liv­ing­now! On this topic, you will see we have in­cluded three ar­ti­cles on the sad sit­u­a­tion of peo­ple tak­ing their lives; as we head into the ‘ fes­tive sea­son’ it’s worth re­mem­ber­ing that for some of our com­mu­nity this is a time that also presents enor­mous chal­lenges. We hope that you will be in­spired by the sto­ries in this edi­tion, if you or some­one you know is strug­gling (and, of course, seek fur­ther help if you feel it’s needed).

Af­ter all these years, we re­main com­mit­ted to bring­ing life-chang­ing ar­ti­cles to you, our cher­ished com­mu­nity. There are be­tween 63,000 and 67,000 print mag­a­zines that go out to over 800 points of dis­tri­bu­tion in Aus­tralia every month – and yet we’d still like to do more! We’ve of­ten been asked by our read­ers if they can do any­thing to help… apart from sup­port­ing our ad­ver­tis­ers and/or be­ing a sub­scriber, well, now it will be pos­si­ble for you to make a small do­na­tion. Have you no­ticed that we’ve changed the cover ‘price’ to: FREE OR BY DO­NA­TION via the web­site? This is so that, if you feel moved to help us get this great mag­a­zine into even more hands, you’re now able to di­rectly sup­port that hap­pen­ing! On the new web­site there is a page where you can se­lect the amount you wish to donate; you’re still wel­come to pick it up for free if you don’t want to donate; this is just a lovely new op­tion for all those who’d like to see this in­for­ma­tion get­ting out to more peo­ple.

A fi­nal bit be­fore I sign off on De­cem­ber’s ed­i­to­rial; the re­sults of the US pres­i­den­tial elec­tion pos­si­bly dis­turbed many of our read­ers, and there is no doubt that these are un­cer­tain times, how­ever we still have choice in how we deal with these un­cer­tain­ties. On the morn­ing I heard that Trump had won, my sen­ti­ment was “I’m grate­ful for the op­por­tu­nity to step up”.

It’s pos­si­ble, for ex­am­ple, that we will see the US pull away from ac­tion on cli­mate change – in this edi­tion we have an ar­ti­cle about how we shouldn’t take free­dom for granted, and I feel that’s the same for things such as our air and wa­ter qual­ity; it’s im­por­tant to not be com­pla­cent in our ‘lucky coun­try’! I heard a great say­ing some years back; “luck is for the me­diocre” – it re­minds me to be an ac­tive par­tic­i­pant in the way things are in my world!

One thing is clear to us at Liv­ing­now: we need to stand up for our val­ues and ac­tively work to­gether to make the world a bet­ter and more thriv­able (the step up from be­ing sim­ply sus­tain­able) place. I be­lieve that now, per­haps more than ever, Liv­ing­now has an im­por­tant part to play. I hope you’ll join us; and we’d love to hear how you’re step­ping up and look­ing for­ward to a bright fu­ture too.

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