For the first time in over 20 years of pre­sent­ing Jour­ney sem­i­nars Bran­don Bays, in­ter­na­tional best-sell­ing au­thor and world renowned teacher of emo­tional and phys­i­cal heal­ing and life trans­for­ma­tion is of­fer­ing a sem­i­nar in Syd­ney, ex­clu­sively for women

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Dur­ing three pow­er­ful days women will go on their own per­sonal jour­ney to get to the root cause of any lim­i­ta­tions, be­liefs and pain keep­ing them stuck or hold­ing them back from liv­ing life fully. “Some­thing quite won­drous oc­curs when women come to­gether to sup­port one an­other. Some­how we all feel free to let down our hair and there is a pal­pa­ble bond of ac­cep­tance that is some­how not avail­able in a mixed gen­der group,” Bran­don says. Of­ten as women we ‘hold our tongue’, ‘try not to rock the boat’, and ‘keep the peace’, afraid to ex­press how we truly feel and what we re­ally want. Many of us feel the daily pres­sure of ful­fill­ing spe­cific roles and ex­pec­ta­tions of fam­ily, work and in so­ci­ety as a whole, re­sult­ing in de­pres­sion, stress and anx­i­ety. At ‘The Jour­ney In­ten­sive for Women Only’, you have full per­mis­sion to open up and speak your in­ner­most feel­ings in a safe, se­cure space, cre­ated by women for women, al­low­ing you to ex­pose any lim­i­ta­tions, in­se­cu­ri­ties and shut-downs hold­ing you back in life. Bran­don Bays of­fers sem­i­nars glob­ally in 48 coun­tries, and has helped thou­sands of women overcome mul­ti­ple chal­lenges in­clud­ing phys­i­cal ail­ments, emo­tional blocks and is­sues with re­la­tion­ships, fer­til­ity, ca­reer and abun­dance in all ar­eas of life. Natalia Timkova, 35, from Slovakia, Europe was a per­fec­tion­ist try­ing to do ev­ery­thing by the book and af­ter two years of psy­chother­apy with no re­sults turned to The Jour­ney. “I was deeply un­happy, dis­sat­is­fied with ev­ery­thing, suf­fer­ing from bu­limia, con­stantly ner­vous and anx­ious. I felt deep con­fu­sion be­cause even though I lived my life ac­cord­ing to ‘the rules’, I had end­less prob­lems with my kids, my mar­riage was dull and truth­fully so was I–I felt no pas­sion”, she de­scribes of her past is­sues. “The sem­i­nar helped me to crack through my self-made stone prison open­ing me to the pos­si­bil­ity of be­com­ing whole once more. As this open­ing con­tin­ued, I peeled away more and more lay­ers of the rules, be­liefs, lies and lim­i­ta­tions I had im­posed upon my­self to re­veal my deeply buried wom­an­hood,” Natalia says. 55-year old Bet Dien­ing-weath­er­ston from Canada who healed from melanoma was tak­ing care of ev­ery­one else ex­cept her­self. “To ig­nore my body’s sig­nals when I was un­well and pre­tend to be strong when I was ter­ri­fied so I could take care of ev­ery­one else’s needs and ne­glect my own, cost me my health,” she says. “Com­pas­sion and em­pa­thy need not be gen­der spe­cific, and we as women need to ex­press our­selves fully with­out in­tim­i­da­tion or fear of ret­ri­bu­tion. Women need women to be their un­re­lent­ing cheer­lead­ers and to want only the high­est and deep­est heal­ing for both them­selves and oth­ers,” she in­vites women to step up. Bran­don Bays healed nat­u­rally from a bas­ket­ball size tu­mour. She has ded­i­cated her life to help­ing peo­ple un­cover their own truth and heal emo­tion­ally and phys­i­cally, free­ing them­selves to live life ful­filled, abun­dant and as an ex­pres­sion of the true po­ten­tial and shin­ing di­a­mond that they have al­ways been. The Jour­ney In­ten­sive for Women Only, takes place Fe­bru­ary 3–5, 2017 in Manly, Syd­ney and is open to all women to heal their life and lib­er­ate their fem­i­nin­ity. It’s a unique chance to ex­pe­ri­ence this event with the founder of Jour­ney­work at a sem­i­nar which may hap­pen only once here in Aus­tralia.

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