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In a world of un­cer­tainty & chaos, it is so im­por­tant to go within for in­ner peace.

My in­tent in cre­at­ing the Zo­diac Seren­ity Gift Col­lec­tion is to align you with greater pur­pose, clearer di­rec­tion; in­spire new ideas, new be­gin­nings & to im­merse you in peace & seren­ity through sound & colour. The ef­fect of the plan­e­tary en­ergy on us is un­de­ni­able. I have in­tu­itively blended words, mu­sic, es­sen­tial oils & flower essences to each of the 12 zo­diac con­stel­la­tions.

Stun­ning sound heal­ing mu­sic will pow­er­fully ex­pand your hori­zons & beau­ti­fully open your heart. It is spon­ta­neously com­posed & per­formed by Dian Booth with the hand of Spirit as her mae­stro blend­ing vi­o­lin, harp, Ti­betan bells, Chi­nese wind gong in­stru­ments to name a few.

I met Dian in March 2015 when she shared with me her jour­ney of play­ing vi­o­lin with the Aus­tralian Sym­phony orches­tra for 22 years, & then be­came un­well. Dian’s heal­ing was through sound & colour & she now trav­els the world with her sound heal­ing con­certs.

I told Dian that I would love to blend her sound heal­ing mu­sic with my soul cen­tred up­lift­ing words. Hap­pily, Dian said it would be her hon­our to be part of this project. So to­gether we made this gift for you.

On the sa­cred Mount Tam­bourine, Queens­land, crys­tal twin springs cross deep un­der­ground at a place called Grail Haven. Gerry Tay­lorWood & Richard bot­tle this pris­tine wa­ter & sell to heal­ing cen­tres around the world. I have par­tic­i­pated in the sa­cred cer­e­mo­nial bot­tling of Grail Haven wa­ter & I wanted to use this in the Zo­diac Mysts.

Uniquely & in­tu­itively blended are 100% pure es­sen­tial oils & Grail Haven Flower essences in Grail Haven spring wa­ter. Beau­ti­ful aro­mas to nur­ture & nour­ish your senses, heal­ing & trans­for­ma­tive to help clear your chakras & align you with higher di­men­sions. The stun­ning art­work on each Zo­diac CD & Myst is vivid, bold & spon­ta­neous, cre­atively ex­press­ing colour & en­ergy by Mark Nor­val, a Kim­ber­ley artist. I met Mark in Derby, just north of Broome, WA in July 2014 & spent over an hour in his re­mark­able Nor­val Gallery. Mark’s pas­sion, ded­i­ca­tion & gen­eros­ity en­sure the con­tin­u­ance of Abo­rig­i­nal peo­ple’s art & cul­ture. Mark’s award win­ning art­work will touch & up­lift your spirit. I truly feel blessed to have met Dian & Mark, & to blend this di­vine art­work & sound heal­ing with the trans­for­ma­tive en­er­gies of Grail Haven flower essences & crys­tal twin springs wa­ter for this Zo­diac Seren­ity Col­lec­tion. May you be in­spired to fol­low your in­tu­ition daily as we each play our part in spread­ing the goodwill for peo­ple ev­ery­where in our world. A beau­ti­ful nat­u­ral gift for your­self or some­one spe­cial.

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