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At the mo­ment we see a su­per-di­vi­sion of the world, a sep­a­ra­tion into ma­jor groups – the de­vel­oped and the de­vel­op­ing world. The de­vel­oped world usurps and wastes three-quar­ters of the world’s food and 83 per cent of the re­sources. The Third World has to make do with the rest. As a re­sult, 38 mil­lion peo­ple are starv­ing to death in a world with a huge sur­plus of food. What is re­quired is a re­assess­ment of who and what we are in our re­la­tion­ship to each other – to see our­selves as one, brothers and sis­ters of one hu­man­ity. We have to get that sense of glob­al­ity, and there­fore the food, raw ma­te­ri­als, en­ergy, sci­en­tific knowhow and ed­u­ca­tional fa­cil­i­ties of the world be­long to ev­ery­one – so all peo­ple may evolve cor­rectly ac­cord­ing to the Plan which un­der­lies our evo­lu­tion­ary process, and there­fore should be re­dis­tributed ac­cord­ingly. If we share we will create jus­tice in the world, and when we create jus­tice, and only then, will we have peace, and be­gin the con­struc­tion – un­der the in­spi­ra­tion of the Masters – of a most bril­liant and won­der­ful civil­i­sa­tion such as this world has never known. Hu­man­ity is ap­proach­ing a point where it is un­der­go­ing a great shift in con­scious­ness and be­gin­ning to recog­nise that we are re­flec­tions, points of con­scious­ness, of that to­tal con­scious­ness that we call God. Ev­ery­thing in life obeys the Law of Cause and Ef­fect. We can­not go on cre­at­ing wrong con­di­tions and ex­pect there will be no ef­fects. The whole process of evo­lu­tion is mov­ing to­wards one­ness, fu­sion, syn­the­sis. On the phys­i­cal plane we have the il­lu­sion that we are sep­a­rate, but in fact as souls we are one. There­fore, we can make this step for­ward in our evo­lu­tion­ary ad­vance only when we create right hu­man re­la­tion­ships. That is the next spir­i­tual ideal to be achieved by hu­man­ity – we our­selves have to act and save our world.

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