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A great coach is one who can ask great ques­tions, who picks up on clues dropped in con­ver­sa­tions. A great coach knows that we know our­selves bet­ter than any­one else & we know the so­lu­tion to our prob­lems, we just aren’t al­ways aware of it. At Hart Life Coach­ing our aim is to train great life coaches. Coach­ing is so­lu­tion ori­ented. Coach­ing helps peo­ple change their per­spec­tive & make a shift that is per­ma­nent. A great coach sup­ports their clients to view the world in a dif­fer­ent way. Mind­ful­ness & med­i­ta­tion are an im­por­tant part of our train­ing, & you can com­bine our Med­i­ta­tion Teacher Course with life coach­ing. Mind­ful­ness re­duces stress in the mo­ment, whereas med­i­ta­tion changes the struc­ture of our brains & in­creases our tol­er­ance to stress. If you would like to be a great coach check out our cour­ses to­day!

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