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I cre­ated To­tal Somatics to ed­u­cate & em­power you with a skill set so you can work more ef­fi­ciently & ef­fec­tively with your mind & body. Somatics was cre­ated by Thomas Hanna over 30 years ago. He named the modal­ity Somatics from the Greek word Soma, mean­ing the body, which is in­clu­sive of the soul, mind & psy­che. The To­tal Somatics on­line pro­gramme is cen­tred around Thomas Hanna’s work. The ex­er­cises are gen­tle move­ment se­quences to re­lax ha­bit­u­ally tight mus­cles from our daily ac­tiv­i­ties. These in­clude sit­ting for hours at the com­puter or car­ry­ing a child on one hip, re­sult­ing in lower back & hip com­plaints; lead­ing to lim­ited move­ment or pain. The pur­pose of Somatics is to cre­ate move­ment in­te­gra­tion back into the body. Due to mus­cle ten­sion & tight­ness, many of us have lost our nat­u­ral move­ment pat­terns & find we are trapped in a very tight body. This im­pacts on our phys­i­cal, emo­tional, men­tal & spir­i­tual health (Soma). If we feel stress, pain or dis­com­fort in our body, it af­fects our emo­tional & men­tal health. Like­wise if we are suf­fer­ing with emo­tional or men­tal stress, our body will hold that trauma. Move for­ward sev­eral years, add the stresses of life & we find that we hold & move in a very re­stric­tive way. This is where To­tal Somatics comes in. By de­vel­op­ing mind­ful­ness tech­niques whilst slowly mov­ing through the so­matic move­ments, we are chang­ing our neu­ro­plas­tic­ity & cre­at­ing new neu­ral move­ment pat­tern path­ways in the brain. The more we de­velop mind­ful­ness with To­tal Somatics, the deeper the neu­ral path­ways will be. We are train­ing the brain, which is in charge of all move­ment, co-or­di­na­tion, mus­cle con­trac­tion & re­lax­ation, to al­low the body to move freely. The mind­ful­ness skills you de­velop help to thicken the ac­tiv­ity in the pre­frontal cor­tex. This area is cru­cial for con­cen­tra­tion, fo­cus & aware­ness. At the same time, you are shrink­ing the ac­tions of the stress re­gions of the brain. Al­low me to teach you Somatics in the com­fort of you own home with To­tal Somatics on­line. Take care, Heidi Hadley.­tal­so­mat­

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