A healer’s dilemma

A stone in her shoe re­veals the deep-seated rea­son for Raym’s client’s stag­na­tion as a healer.

Living Now - - Metaphysics - By Raym Richards

Iam sprint­ing across a cold and bleak moor fol­low­ing my client Diane in a past life. She is fran­tic, lit­er­ally run­ning for her life. Her hot breath re­mains sus­pended in small, puffy clouds in the damp, frigid air as she rushes on­ward, be­wil­dered and barely aware of her sur­round­ings, some­where in north­ern Europe.

This dra­matic re­call has been trig­gered by her feel­ing a stone un­der her foot as we be­gan our ses­sion. I am try­ing to fig­ure out how and why it got there.

Feel into her. What is go­ing on for her? Is there a stone in your shoe? I telepath.

No stone; just ab­ject ter­ror and con­fu­sion, al­though, I can feel ev­ery­thing through these thin slip­pers.

I am won­der­ing what kind of an­i­mal could be chas­ing her when my ques­tion is an­swered. Her pace quick­ens as we hear deep, coarse, threat­en­ing male voices in the mist be­hind us. I catch parts of words, thick with an old Scot­tish ac­cent.

“Cail­leach de’il – she’ll be close… Faster nee­bors… She’ll nae out­run us!”

I don’t un­der­stand what is hap­pen­ing. Why are they af­ter me? What have I done?

My grasp of any Scot­tish di­alect is ten­u­ous, but I sense what might be com­ing. I sug­gest she ask her body to show her what led to this present sit­u­a­tion, so she can un­der­stand why her ac­tions have trig­gered such anger in her pur­suers.

Com­mand your body to show what your life was like be­fore this.

She is taken im­me­di­ately to a ‘bothy’, a sim­ple shack in a wood­land grove, and what she sees there is beau­ti­ful…

Diane has come to see me to get to the bot­tom of her in­abil­ity to move for­ward as a healer. She is a bright, well­p­re­sented young woman who hides her chal­lenge well, ap­pear­ing con­fi­dent and forth­right, but deep in­side things are dif­fer­ent.

She knows, af­ter study­ing a va­ri­ety of modal­i­ties, that she has a great la­tent abil­ity as a healer, and her teach­ers have re­in­forced this. The chal­lenge is that she hits a glass ceil­ing, where she can go no higher or deeper as a ther­a­pist in her cho­sen modal­ity.

Prior to the ses­sion, Diane has men­tioned re­cur­ring phys­i­cal chal­lenges with her foot, from wear­ing cor­rec­tive shoes as a child to sprain­ing and then break­ing her an­kle later in life. From a shamanic per­spec­tive these per­sis­tent in­juries are a sure in­di­ca­tion that she is hold­ing un­re­solved trauma there.

In her pre-shamanic jour­ney body scan, Diane no­ticed what felt like a painful stone un­der her foot. Com­mand­ing her body to show us when this started has taken us to this des­per­ate moor­land chase and vivid re­call of what led to it…

Diane sees her­self in her sim­ple home, sur­rounded by plants, herbs, and small, gen­tle, friendly for­est crea­tures. Al­though her home is ba­sic, it is in a picturesque and idyl­lic set­ting. Women come to her for reme­dies and she is well liked by them. She also acts as the vil­lage mid­wife, bring­ing many chil­dren safely into this world.

Her life is soli­tary but not lonely. Her pref­er­ence not to take a hus­band or to at­tend church cre­ates gos­sip she is

This dra­matic re­call has been trig­gered by her feel­ing a stone un­der her foot as we be­gan our ses­sion. I am try­ing to fig­ure out how and why it got there.

un­aware of – gos­sip which leads to her present sit­u­a­tion, pur­sued by sim­ple­minded, ig­no­rant, fear­ful and an­gry men, in­tent on pun­ish­ing her for not bow­ing to their Chris­tian God, or to a man, and for other fab­ri­cated sins – such as witch­craft.

We are both drawn back to her past life pur­suit and its im­mi­nent cli­max.

The mist is lift­ing and she glances back to see her tor­men­tors and re­alises that they are gain­ing on her. She comes to her senses and gets her bear­ings. Chang­ing course slightly, she cuts across the heath to a place she knows.

My word, this woman’s con­fu­sion has cleared. Now she has a clear re­solve – and boy is she is an­gry. These bul­lies and thugs will not get the bet­ter of her. She has some­thing up her sleeve. Ac­cel­er­at­ing her now ex­hausted body into one fi­nal burst of en­ergy, we see what is ahead through the thin­ning mist. She pushes off hard from the edge of the heath into the sheer drop be­low. As she does so a sharp stone cuts through her thin shoe and into her foot, con­dens­ing this in­tense emo­tional trauma into the last phys­i­cal pain she feels be­fore leav­ing her body im­me­di­ately prior to her death on the rocks be­low.

Diane is sob­bing. “The ig­no­rant bas­tards…” Feel­ing again the emo­tions of her past life self, “I had a beau­ti­ful life. I harmed no-one and I helped so many!”

How did you feel as you pushed off from the edge of the heath? I take her into no-time-space where she can view the big­ger pic­ture.

Never again! I will never help oth­ers through heal­ing ever again – look what it led to! I can feel the pain of her aching heart as she cries freely.

You can see clearly now what brought you here and how you cre­ated the block to your own heal­ing power that you are look­ing to clear. You can clear the trauma now and re­claim your power as a healer, af­firm­ing that you do so without fear of pun­ish­ment or ret­ri­bu­tion. Are you ready to do this?

There is a long pause as Diane col­lects her­self and feels into her po­ten­tial fu­ture.

Yes! Let’s do it. I am ready to re­claim my power as a healer and fully be of ser­vice to the light.

I feel joy for Diane’s de­ci­sion but there is one more bridge to cross be­fore we get there, and I know she will need a mo­ment to pre­pare for it.

First you must for­give those who per­se­cuted you…

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Raym is a shaman and teacher of teach­ers. He teaches his Crys­tal Dream­ing™ tech­nique world­wide and takes an­nual tours of sa­cred sites in the UK. More true sto­ries in his new book Spirit World.

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