The mae­stro of each or­ches­tra­tion in your life

Are you truly be­ing the mae­stro of the or­ches­tra­tions in your life or are you let­ting oth­ers con­duct its com­po­si­tions without your in­put?

Living Now - - Contents - by Michael Levy

Are you truly be­ing the mae­stro of the or­ches­tra­tions in your life or are you let­ting oth­ers con­duct its com­po­si­tions without your in­put?

Neil Arm­strong walked on the moon and de­clared: “One small step for a man, one gi­ant leap for mankind [sic].” His was the first hu­man foot­print im­printed on the moon and will for­ever be a mon­u­ment to the in­ge­nu­ity of the hu­man race. That one small step by Mr Arm­strong is an ex­cep­tional feat of hu­man­ity’s in­ge­nu­ity. How­ever, there is one small step back­wards that very few hu­man be­ings will ever ex­pe­ri­ence in their life on earth and it is far more mean­ing­ful than walk­ing on the moon. What is it? Well, let me ex­plain.


Some chil­dren be­come the cen­tre of at­trac­tion as soon as they walk into a room, while other chil­dren hide be­hind books or just sit as qui­etly as a mouse, so no­body will ask them to per­form any child­like magic. As chil­dren grow into adult­hood, it is not al­ways the pushy kids who make a suc­cess out of life. I guess suc­cess is the hard­est com­mod­ity for any­one to de­fine. It all de­pends on a per­son’s stan­dards, goals, and inner feel­ing of pros­per­ity. Cer­tainly, money alone is no cri­te­rion for suc­cess. Nei­ther is fame, for his­tory has taught how the mighty have fallen.

When a hu­man be­ing ma­tures into adult­hood, they have a self-im­age which projects through­out their lives. The in­tel­lec­tual im­age that is set in the mind from child­hood be­comes the ‘real per­son’. Al­though it con­tains many role­plays, the iden­tity im­age is fixed like a girder in ce­ment. The hu­man mind mis­tak­enly in­ter­prets the world it sees by the ref­er­ence points it has built up over many years.

The ego/in­tel­lect be­comes so real that any at­tempt to dis­lodge its hold on the mind is met with a fierce con­scious de­fi­ance. A per­sonal ego/in­tel­lect will never will­ingly give up its ground that has been ce­mented in place by all the re­al­ity that has been ab­sorbed through­out its sight, hear­ing, touch, taste, and feel in a three-di­men­sional world. This is all it knows. This is all it be­lieves to be cor­rect, moral and prin­ci­pled, or vice-versa. A small amount of the in­put is au­then­tic, but a large per­cent­age is bo­gus in­for­ma­tion.


The in­formed and ed­u­cated adult ego/ in­tel­lect feels it has a sound ba­sis for pro­ject­ing its own in­put into the hu­man mish­mash of opin­ions, be­liefs, per­cep­tions, con­cepts, thoughts, and knowl­edge. Of­ten this is backed up by scholas­tic de­grees and awards. How sound are all these be­liefs and con­vic­tions?

The re­sults of a per­son’s life will speak for it­self. It is not the opin­ion of oth­ers that will de­ter­mine whether a life on earth was worth­while and au­then­tic. Rather, it is only the per­son them­selves that can give an hon­est ap­praisal as to the rich­ness, fruit­ful­ness, pros­per­ity, com­fort, joy, and tran­quil­lity of their life.

The ques­tion to ask your­self is: ‘Have I truly been the mae­stro of the or­ches­tra­tions in my life? Or, have I let other peo­ple con­duct all my com­po­si­tions without any of my own le­git­i­mate per­sonal in­put?’

In­deed, what does it mean be­ing the mae­stro of your own life?

To find the an­swer to that ques­tion you need to be able to take one small step back­wards in time and space, so that you view your own life as an ob­server, rather than as a par­tic­i­pant.

To be able to get a con­struc­tive view of our own lives we need to de­ter­mine ac­cu­ra­cies as an al­ter­na­tive to mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tions. How­ever, that is im­pos­si­ble if we be­lieve we al­ready know the an­swer by the sole view of our own ego/in­tel­lect.


Do you feel a lit­tle mys­ti­fied? Of course you do, and it is a nor­mal re­ac­tion when some­thing does not fit into your per­spec­tives be­cause, af­ter all, who is it in your mind that is in­ter­pret­ing this es­say you are read­ing? Why, lo and be­hold, it is your very own ego/in­tel­lect and it may strongly dis­ap­prove of what it is read­ing. How can it pos­si­bly ad­mit to be­ing a false par­tic­i­pant in your life when ev­ery­thing seems so stead­fast and cred­i­ble from its point of view? This is where the al­chemist in you may be­gin to stir from the slum­ber.

So, are you the in­no­cent vic­tim of a case of mis­taken iden­tity built by your ego/in­tel­lect or do you have the po­ten­tial to be­come the ma­jes­tic mae­stro of your life con­cert?


Be­ing the con­duc­tor of a so­cial orches­tra means en­com­pass­ing the su­per-vi­sion of ev­ery player you meet and greet. With ba­ton in hand, the mae­stro will gen­er­ate mu­sic that warms the heart and soothes the soul. Of course, con­duct­ing great mu­sic is to no avail if there is no au­di­ence in the theatre to soak up the sym­phonic am­biance.

There is: • A time for sit­ting in the au­di­ence • A time for play­ing in the orches­tra • A time for com­pos­ing mu­sic • A time for be­com­ing the mae­stro

Sit­ting in the arena of life fash­ions ev­ery hu­man be­ing as the au­di­ence. No mat­ter how great their po­si­tion in so­ci­ety, most of the time, they are lis­ten­ing to other peo­ple per­form their roles. At some point most peo­ple will be given a chance to play their in­stru­ment, i.e. get up out of their seat and ‘make their pres­ence felt’ through their ca­reer, fam­ily, or other so­ci­ety roles. For in­stance, even the hum­blest of shop as­sis­tants have the chance to per­form to many cus­tomers each and ev­ery day. That is their au­di­ence; they can charm them into en­joy­ing their pur­chase or bore them into leav­ing empty-handed.

As life pro­gresses and they be­come more ex­pe­ri­enced, there will be an

op­por­tu­nity for them to take the ba­ton and be­come the mae­stro. It is their turn to take charge and make their pur­pose in life ring with the har­mo­nious bells of true pros­per­ity. The more they please their au­di­ence the bet­ter the ac­cla­ma­tions and ku­dos. Mon­e­tary wealth ac­cu­mu­lates with lit­tle or no ef­fort, be­cause that was not the sole pur­pose of the work. En­joy­ment of the job-in-hand and help­ing other peo­ple to en­joy the ex­pe­ri­ence was their pri­mary mo­ti­va­tion.


By tak­ing the one small step back­wards, you will make a gi­gan­tic leap to­wards the most in­cred­i­ble life on earth you could ever imag­ine – a life that em­braces all things bright and beau­ti­ful no mat­ter how much dark­ness and ug­li­ness they con­tain.

This em­brac­ing may look like: • See­ing the good in the peo­ple that nor­mally ir­ri­tate and vex • Ex­tract­ing pos­i­tive en­ergy when do­ing tasks and chores that would nor­mally trans­fer neg­a­tive fa­tigue • En­joy­ing the dis­ap­point­ments and ex­pec­ta­tions that did not ma­te­ri­alise as an­tic­i­pated • Lov­ing ex­plor­ing the un­known chal­lenges that seem so far out of reach at this mo­ment in time • Hold­ing out the men­tal arms of compassion and grace so that the bur­dens of de­pres­sion and worry can be lifted from other peo­ple’s lives The ba­ton of time is swing­ing over your head. It is held in place for you by the mas­ter mae­stro of the uni­verse. Be­fore you can ac­cept the ba­ton you need to take that one small step back­wards and be­come di­rectly in tune with uni­ver­sal in­tel­li­gence. By serv­ing your au­then­tic pur­pose of life, you be­come the in­stru­ment of the ge­nius of the soul. Now, the ego/in­tel­lect has a true foun­da­tion to soak up all the learn­ing and ed­u­ca­tion it has ab­sorbed over the years and put it to good use for the bet­ter­ment of hu­man­ity.

The trans­for­ma­tion may not be that ap­par­ent to most peo­ple, but you will know the dif­fer­ence you feel and the bliss you ex­pe­ri­ence ev­ery mo­ment of ev­ery day. You may not ob­tain fame and for­tune, but you recog­nise you hold the wise trea­sures of the uni­verse in the cen­tre of your heart. You pos­sess the wis­dom gems of the cos­mos in the cen­tre of your gut, and you know be­yond doubt that you carry the in­fi­nite-sa­cred-divine in the cen­tre of your mind...

Mu­sic mae­stro please! ■

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Michael Levy, is the au­thor of seven books, a mys­ti­cal poet, in­spi­ra­tional philoso­pher and well­ness/healthy liv­ing speaker. His lat­est books are “The Joys of Live Alchemy” and “Worry Causes Wrin­kles” which help a per­son to change dark neg­a­tive sit­u­a­tions into beau­ti­ful colour­ful pos­i­tive ac­tions that bring de-lights on the dark­est of days.

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