The beauty of the sub­con­scious re­vealed

Take a peek be­hind the scenes of ‘you’

Living Now - - Contents - by Mar­i­anne Inch­ley

Take a peek be­hind the scenes of ‘you’.

If you’ve ex­pe­ri­enced ki­ne­si­ol­ogy be­fore, you may agree that there’s a mag­i­cal qual­ity to this modal­ity. I say “ex­pe­ri­enced ki­ne­si­ol­ogy” be­cause in a way, it is highly ex­pe­ri­en­tial. It’s not easy to ex­plain to peo­ple. De­spite this, peo­ple trust it be­cause they FEEL dif­fer­ent and get re­sults. For new­com­ers to the won­der­ful world of ki­ne­si­ol­ogy, I’d like to talk a lit­tle about the beauty of the sub­con­scious re­vealed.

What sets ki­ne­si­ol­ogy apart from other modal­i­ties is the use of mus­cle test­ing. This al­lows the prac­ti­tioner to speak di­rectly to the body, by­pass­ing the con­scious mind. What we think we want and what our sub­con­scious mind be­lieves are of­ten two dif­fer­ent things. This dis­par­ity can be shown clearly us­ing a sim­ple mus­cle test. For ex­am­ple, you may wish to over­come a long­stand­ing prob­lem and have tried ev­ery­thing, but with lim­ited suc­cess. Say­ing the state­ment “I want to keep this prob­lem” dur­ing a mus­cle test may re­veal that in fact your sub­con­scious wants to keep this prob­lem. I’ll never for­get the first time a prac­ti­tioner showed this to me. I was shocked!

The need to keep a prob­lem will usu­ally be linked with your sur­vival sys­tem. Al­though con­sciously you are long­ing for free­dom, your sub­con­scious is say­ing “No, it’s not safe!” Hav­ing iden­ti­fied this, a ki­ne­si­ol­o­gist can then get feed­back from your body to find out what is needed to bring you out of sur­vival mode. Com­ing out of sur­vival mode means you can op­er­ate freely from a place of choice. It is em­pow­er­ing.

Your body re­mem­bers ev­ery­thing. Mus­cle test­ing taps into your body’s in­nate wis­dom where a wealth of in­for­ma­tion is stored. It can re­veal blocks and stres­sors on men­tal, emo­tional, phys­i­cal and spir­i­tual lev­els. It can also as­cer­tain what is needed to bal­ance the body’s en­er­gies so that all parts of you work in har­mony. Of­ten when we hear a mes­sage from the sub­con­scious, there is a mo­ment of recog­ni­tion. We could not quite get there our­selves, yet it makes com­plete sense as though con­firm­ing some­thing we al­ready knew. Our body re­sponds.

At times the in­for­ma­tion that comes from the body is so spe­cific, it can only be medicine made for you, by you. This is where so many other mod­els of health fall short in my opin­ion. Two peo­ple can ex­pe­ri­ence the ex­act same symp­toms, yet the reme­dies and root causes can be worlds apart.

We all come into this world with a unique set of traits and cir­cum­stances – our ge­netic code, in­her­ited be­liefs and at­ti­tudes passed down through gen­er­a­tions, con­di­tion­ing by so­ci­ety, schools, cul­ture, re­li­gion, our body types, in­her­ent strengths and weak­nesses, learn­ing styles, sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion, ed­u­ca­tion and op­por­tu­ni­ties, ge­o­graphic lo­ca­tion, trau­mas, dreams and past lives if you so be­lieve. Our per­cep­tion of our­selves and the world is shaped by all these fac­tors, and I know no other modal­ity that has the abil­ity to ac­knowl­edge all of these vari­ables in re­la­tion to what you seek. Magic. While we are unique in so many ways, deep down we all want sim­i­lar things. It is not un­com­mon to har­bour fears around ac­tu­ally hav­ing the love, peace, con­nec­tion, ful­fil­ment etc we seek in our lives. Too of­ten we ac­cept our lim­i­ta­tions without ques­tion. It is well worth ex­plor­ing if there is some­thing in the sub­con­scious block­ing your abil­ity to move for­ward into new ways of be­ing.

Shin­ing a light onto the sub­con­scious and free­ing sup­pressed en­er­gies lib­er­ates our vi­tal life force so we can live in har­mony with our truth. We no longer have to live a life driven by our lim­ited be­liefs and fears. Ki­ne­si­ol­ogy can help you re­turn to the nat­u­ral flow of life, mi­nus the strug­gle. If you haven’t al­ready, I hope that you’ll feel in­spired to take a peek be­hind the scenes of ‘you’ with a visit to a ki­ne­si­ol­o­gist. n

It is well worth ex­plor­ing if there is some­thing in the sub­con­scious block­ing your abil­ity to move for­ward into new ways of be­ing.

Mar­i­anne Inch­ley is sound healer, com­poser and reg­is­tered spe­cialised ki­ne­si­ol­o­gist with the AKA, work­ing with peo­ple and pets in El­wood. She also of­fers unique and trans­for­ma­tive sound jour­neys.

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