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Take your ther­a­peu­tic skills to an­other level. A 6-mod­ule skill build­ing course with Ge­orge Gin­ti­las (May to Oc­to­ber 2017). Over 24 days (6 mod­ules x 4 days) learn to prac­tise in a deep so­matic mind­ful­ness way. Learn a pow­er­ful struc­tured (yet or­ganic) body mind­ful­ness based ap­proach that deep­ens your abil­ity to be present with your clients and their body/mind pro­cesses. Learn to work with: The Whole Body Di­rectly, The En­ergy Field, Ad­vanced Body Mind­ful­ness, De­vel­op­men­tal At­tach­ment is­sues, Trauma and the Ner­vous Sys­tem, The Sub­con­scious Body/mind, Touch, Body Pres­ence, Past Lives, Dis­tant Heal­ing, The deep anatomy of heal­ing and re­lease. Learn ad­di­tional skills to work even more ef­fec­tively with trauma, PTSD, pho­bias, fears, panic, anx­i­ety, de­pres­sion, be­havioural is­sues, life­long in­grained habits, con­fi­dence, sleep is­sues, weight, feel­ing ‘lost’, etc. Learn to come into your body and em­body in a deeper whole way. Help your­self and clients to heal more fully as you learn to work more in depth with the sub­con­scious body, the en­ergy field, the ner­vous sys­tem, all down to the cel­lu­lar level. Ge­orge Gin­ti­las will be your fa­cil­i­ta­tor draw­ing from many so­matic/ body and mind­ful­ness dis­ci­plines. This course is the cul­mi­na­tion and in­te­gra­tion of over 30 years of re­search, train­ing, 26 years of pri­vate prac­tice work with thou­sands of clients one-on-one and in groups and nine years of prac­ti­cal live course teach­ing.

For more de­tails, videos and free (no obli­ga­tion) in­tro­duc­tory night see re­laxed­ or call 03 9525 7680, 0411 148 788.

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