Stop mo­tion sick­ness

Many trav­ellers find that by tar­get­ing acu­pres­sure points in the arm, you can re­duce nau­sea when you’re shaken about.

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The boat won’t. Stop. Bounc­ing. A queasy wave -like feel­ing rises in your stom­ach. Can you halt it be­fore barf­ing be­gins? Yes, and it doesn’t have to in­volve med­i­ca­tion. Find the point on your in­ner fore­arm, three fin­ger-widths down from your wrist crease, be­tween the two ten­dons. Use your thumb to press here, push­ing fairly deep (but not so it is painful). Hold for a few min­utes, then do the same to the other wrist. Re­peat as needed.

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