Love Patchwork & Quilting - - TIME FOR TEA -


■ Fab­ric scraps for the cake slice and back­ground

■ Back fab­ric: 12½in x 9½in

■ Lin­ing fab­ric: two (2) 12½in x

9½in pieces

■ Tab fab­ric: 2½in x 6in

■ Bind­ing: 2½in x 35in strip

■ Fusible bat­ting: two (2) 12½in x 9½in pieces

■ Em­broi­dery thread

■ Scraps of felt for ap­pliqué (op­tional)

■ Two (2) copies of the Tea Cosy tem­plate

■ One (1) copy of the Straw­berry, Cream and Cherry ap­pliqué tem­plates (op­tional)

■ Fusible web: small scrap (op­tional)


■ Ap­prox. 11.5in x 8.5in


■ Seam al­lowances are ¼in, un­less oth­er­wise noted.

■ Press seams to the side, un­less oth­er­wise in­structed.

■ FPP tem­plates in­clude seam al­lowances around the outer edge only.

■ For tem­plates, see p92.

■ RST = right sides to­gether.

■ WST = wrong sides to­gether.

■ FPP = Foun­da­tion Pa­per Piec­ing.

■ Fab­rics and thread sup­plied by

Cot­ton+Steel (cot­to­nand­steelfab­ and Sew Hot (se­

■ Susi used Au­ri­floss thread in Gold Yel­low, Pa­prika, Turquoise and Med Or­chid by Au­ri­fil.


Prints from the Pa­per Cuts col­lec­tion by Rashida Cole­man-Hale for Cot­ton+Steel.


1 Us­ing the tem­plate as a guide, cut the fab­ric pieces for each sec­tion of the FPP tem­plate, mak­ing sure the pieces will be at least ¼in larger than the sec­tion they will cover, all the way around.


2 Foun­da­tion Pa­per Piece the tea cosy front as fol­lows. Place the fab­ric piece for Sec­tion 1 right side up on the un­printed side of the tem­plate against the sec­tion. En­sure that the fab­ric cov­ers the whole sec­tion, plus at least ¼in all around. Pin in place.

3 Place the Sec­tion 2 fab­ric piece right side down on top of the Sec­tion 1 piece, match­ing up raw edges on the side where Sec­tions 1 and 2 will be joined and mak­ing sure that when folded back along the seam line, Sec­tion 2 will be cov­ered by the fab­ric plus at least ¼in all around. Pin in place.

4 Turn the tem­plate over to the printed side and stitch along the marked line be­tween Sec­tions 1 and 2, back­stitch­ing at the be­gin­ning and end of the seam.

Fold the tem­plate away from the seam and trim to ¼in. Fold the tem­plate back, turn the work to the fab­ric side, flip Sec­tion 2 open and then press.

5 Con­tinue work­ing in this way to piece Sec­tions 1–10 on the FPP tem­plate, in nu­mer­i­cal or­der to make one block. Trim along the outer dot­ted seam al­lowance line. Re­move the pa­per tem­plates from the back, tear­ing along the seam lines.


6 Fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions, fuse one piece of bat­ting to the wrong side of the pieced tea cosy front. Fuse the sec­ond piece of bat­ting to the 12½in x 9½in back piece.

7 If you wish to add ap­pliqué or em­broi­dered de­tails, do so now. To add ap­pliqué de­tails, trace the shape on the pa­per side of a scrap of fusible web. Fuse to the wrong side of a piece of felt.

8 Cut on the drawn line and care­fully fuse in place onto your fab­ric. Ma­chine stitch around the outer edge. Susi ap­pliquéd cream and a straw­berry with small scraps of felt.

9 Use the red lines on the sec­ond copy of the tem­plate to cut curves along the top cor­ners of both the front and back pieces (Fig A). Also cut curves for the two lin­ing pieces.

10 Take your 2½in x 6in piece of tab fab­ric and fold in half length­wise. Press. Un­fold, then fold both long edges to­wards the cen­tre crease, fold in half and press again to en­close the raw edges. Top­stitch close to both long edges and fold in half to make a loop. Pin to the mid­dle of the top edge of the FPP cosy front. Baste in place to se­cure (Fig B).


Place the cosy back RST with the FPP cosy front. Pin around the side and top edges and sew around the edges. Leave the bot­tom open. Clip the cor­ners, and turn right side out. Re­peat with the two lin­ing pieces, leav­ing the wrong sides fac­ing out (Fig C).


In­sert the lin­ing into the tea cosy, wrong sides to­gether. Align the raw edges and baste to­gether. Pin or clip your bind­ing around the bot­tom and stitch around the edge (Fig D). Fold over to the in­side and stitch in place to fin­ish.

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