Love Patchwork & Quilting - - QST NINE-PATCH -

1 Make eight Fly­ing Geese units as fol­lows, four from each of Fab­rics A/B and A/C. Draw a di­ag­o­nal line on the re­verse of both squares. Place one of the squares right sides to­gether with the rec­tan­gle and sew along the drawn line. Trim off the ex­cess, leav­ing a ¼in seam al­lowance. Press open. Re­peat with the re­main­ing square on the op­po­site side of the rec­tan­gle.

2 Sew the Fly­ing Geese units into pairs as shown (Fig 1). 3 Sew the pairs into two rows, and then sew the rows to­gether to make the block (Fig 2).

CUT­TING LIST Q Fab­ric A:Six­teen (16) 3½in squares. Q Fab­ric B:Four (4) 3½in x 6½in strips.Q Fab­ric C:Four (4) 3½in x 6½in strips.

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