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Make a strik­ing im­prov-pieced panel zip case us­ing flirty flo­rals and bold solids for a mix and match de­sign

Make a strik­ing im­prov-pieced panel zip case us­ing flirty flo­ral prints and bold solids for a mix and match de­sign


Q Seam al­lowances are ¼in, un­less

oth­er­wise noted.

Q Press seams to one side, un­less

oth­er­wise in­structed.

Q RST = right sides to­gether.

Q Fab­rics sup­plied by our friends at

Sewing Quar­ter (sewingquar­


Q Prints are from the Sunkiss Fat Eight

Bun­dle by Tilda.

Q Solids are from the Fat Quar­ter Bun­dle

by V & Co. for Moda.



From the solid fab­ric cut: Q Three (3) 10in squares. Q Two (2) 4in x 10in pieces. Q One (1) 7in x 10in piece. Q Four (4) 1½in x 3in strips.



Make a 7in x 10in im­prov panel, us­ing the fol­low­ing method. Gather your scraps and start sewing to­gether us­ing ¼in seams, start­ing in the cen­tre. Press seams be­fore adding the next piece, and try not to add pieces in a cir­cu­lar mo­tion.


You might be tempted to trim straight edges ev­ery time you add a piece, but this isn’t nec­es­sary. Just make sure each scrap you add has one straight edge. Place a scrap on top of your im­prov piece, stitch a ¼in seam along the new scrap piece, then trim away any ex­cess fab­ric. 4

When you’re close to 7in x 10in, place your ruler over the panel. Check if there are any ar­eas with gaps that need fill­ing. Sew small scraps to these ar­eas to fill the space. Once you’re happy, trim the panel to size.



Press un­der ¼in at one short edge of one of your 1½in x 3in strips. Place at one end of a zip and top­stitch in place. Re­peat at the other end of the zip. Trim the zip to 10in long. Re­peat with the re­main­ing zip.


Sand­wich one zip be­tween the two 4in x 10in pieces of solid fab­ric, align­ing raw edges, and sew in place us­ing a zip­per foot. Press open and top­stitch next to the zip­per.


Place the 7in x 10in im­prov piece right side up. Place the zip from step 6 right side down on top, align­ing the re­main­ing zip edge. Place the 7in x 10in solid piece on top, right side down. Sew in place, open and top­stitch as be­fore. Trim the whole unit to 10in square to cre­ate the purse front.


Lay the purse front on top of one 10in square of solid fab­ric, right sides fac­ing up. Baste the sides and treat as one piece. 9

Sand­wich the re­main­ing zip be­tween the purse front and a 10in square of solid fab­ric (lin­ing), RST. The zip should be fac­ing the purse front, with both zip pulls on the same side of the purse. Sew the zip in place, open, and top­stitch as be­fore.


At­tach the re­main­ing 10in squares of solid fab­ric to the other side of the zip, as be­fore. The square on the wrong side of the zip is the lin­ing fab­ric. Un­zip both zip­pers at least half­way.


Now un­fold the stitched pieces so the purse front is RST with the other outer piece on one side of the zip, and the lin­ing pieces are RST on the other side of the zip. Fold the cen­tre zip so the teeth are fac­ing the lin­ing side. Pin or clip in place.


Sew all the way around your purse, leav­ing a 5in turn­ing gap at the bot­tom of the lin­ing, and back­stitch­ing at the be­gin­ning and end to se­cure your stitches.


Clip your cor­ners and turn the purse right side out. Press un­der the raw edges of the turn­ing gap and stitch closed. Push the lin­ing into your purse to fin­ish.

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