Love Patchwork & Quilting - - IMPROV DISCO DUO -


1 From the bind­ing fab­ric cut:

■ Three (3) 2½in x 22in strips.


2 Place a solid piece right side up, and lay a sec­ond solid on top at an an­gle (Fig A). Cut ap­prox. ¼in from the edge of the top piece (Figs B and C). Dis­card the scraps and flip over the top piece so they’re RST with aligned edges (Fig D). Sew the pieces to­gether along the edge and press to­wards the darker fab­ric.

3 Take the next piece of fab­ric and place on top, right side up, at the an­gle you wish to achieve. Cut ap­prox. ¼in from the edge, as in step 2 (Fig E). Dis­card the scraps and flip over the top piece so they’re RST with aligned edges.

4 Con­tinue adding fab­rics to your panel in dif­fer­ent an­gles un­til you’re happy. If you like it scrappy, use plenty of smaller pieces and fun an­gles. Once com­plete, cut to mea­sure 10in x 12in (Fig F). Baste the edges over your seams within the seam al­lowance to hold the edges to­gether (Fig G).


5 Place the im­prov panel on top of your bat­ting and baste in place (Fig H). Quilt as de­sired. Laura used Au­ri­fil 12wt thread in Mint, Spring Green, Light Blue, Fuch­sia and Medium Orchid to hand quilt her wall hang­ings.

6 Make a quilt sand­wich by plac­ing the back­ing fab­ric right side down, and the quilted im­prov panel on top. Sew the lay­ers to­gether around the edges and trim the ex­cess back­ing fab­ric.

7 Sew the bind­ing strips to­gether end-to-end us­ing di­ag­o­nal seams. Press the seams open. Fold in half length­ways, wrong sides to­gether, and press.

8 Sew the bind­ing to the right side of the quilt, creat­ing a neat mitre at each cor­ner. Fold the bind­ing over to the back of the quilt and hand stitch in place to fin­ish.

9 For the wooden hanger, paint a piece of driftwood in your pre­ferred colour us­ing acrylic paint and let it dry. It might need a sec­ond coat if you’ve cho­sen a light paint.

10 Use a brush to ap­ply school glue to the edges and sprin­kle plenty of glit­ter on top. At­tach the mini quilt onto the driftwood and add pom­poms if de­sired.

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