Crisp Fly­ing Geese are a must for any quil­ter's reper­toire! Us­ing your multi-size tem­plate down­load you'll be able to sew per­fect an­gles on all your FG blocks. Here's how they work…

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Crisp Fly­ing Geese are a must for any quil­ter’s reper­toire. Use your tem­plates to sew per­fect FG blocks


Choose your re­quired fin­ished size, and use the same marked line on each tem­plate when cut­ting your pieces. Cut strips of fab­ric to size from the top of the ruler to your cho­sen size line.


Align the marked line with the bot­tom of your strips, and trim along both sides of the large tri­an­gle tem­plate (Fig 1). Turn your tem­plate around to cut the next piece, match­ing up the di­ag­o­nal edges (Fig 2). Keep work­ing in this way un­til you have cut the re­quired num­ber of cen­tre tri­an­gles for your pro­ject.


Use the bot­tom cor­ners of the tem­plate to cut the bot­tom cor­ners for the large tri­an­gle pieces (Fig 3).


Fold a strip of fab­ric in half, and use the small tem­plate to cut pieces two at a time (Fig 4). Cut­ting the pieces on folded fab­ric will yield two mir­ror im­age pieces (Fig 5). Trim the cor­ners of the tri­an­gles as be­fore.


Place one small tri­an­gle right sides to­gether with a large tri­an­gle. Sew along the edge and press open. Place the se­cond tri­an­gle on the other side, sew, and press open to com­plete one Fly­ing Geese unit (Fig 6).

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