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From the dark grey cut:

■ Forty four (44) 2¼in squares.

■ Twelve (12) 3½in x WOF strips for the FPP tem­plates.


From the yel­low fab­ric cut:

■ Forty four (44) 1¼in x 2¼in strips.

■ Forty four (44) 1¼in x 3in strips.


From each of the pur­ple, or­ange, green and turquoise medium solids cut:

■ Four (4) pieces us­ing Tem­plate A.


From each of the red and pink medium solids cut:

■ Three (3) pieces us­ing Tem­plate A.


From each of the dark solid fab­rics cut: ■ Five (5) 3¼in x 16½in strips for the FPP tem­plates. 6

From the back­ground fab­ric cut:

■ One 72½in x WOF strip. Sub­cut into one (1) 5½in x 72½in piece, one (1) 7½in x 72½in piece, one (1) 10½in x 60½in piece and one (1) 12½in x 60½in piece.

■ Two (2) 10½in x WOF strips. Sub­cut into three (3) 10½in x 20½in pieces and two (2) 10½in squares.

■ Forty four (44) Tem­plate C pieces.

■ Twenty two (22) 3½in x WOF strips for

the FPP tem­plates.


From the bind­ing fab­ric cut: ■ Eight (8) 2½in x WOF strips. AS­SEM­BLING YOUR QUILT 8

Trim a 1in piece from one of the 3½in dark grey strips and place on the back of one copy of Tem­plate B with the wrong side fac­ing the back of the paper.

En­sure that the fab­ric cov­ers the whole of Sec­tion 1 plus at least ¼in all around.


Pin one end of a back­ground strip RST with the dark grey piece so that when flipped over at the seam line, the back­ground fab­ric will cover Sec­tion 2 plus at least ¼in all the way around. Flip the tem­plate to the printed side and sew along the line be­tween Sec­tions 1 and 2, ex­tend­ing into the seam line (Fig A).


Fold and then press the back­ground fab­ric over so it cov­ers Sec­tion 2. Fold the paper back at the seam line be­tween Sec­tions 2 and 3 and trim the fab­ric to ¼in be­yond the fold (Fig B).


Re­peat steps 9–10 to cover Sec­tion 3 with a dark grey strip (Fig C) and Sec­tion 4 with back­ground fab­ric.


Con­tinue piec­ing the rest of the tem­plate in the same way, cov­er­ing Sec­tions 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 with back­ground fab­ric, Sec­tions 5 and 9 with the pink dark solids, and Sec­tions 7, 11 and 13 with dark grey.


Turn the com­pleted Tem­plate B to the wrong side and trim along the outer dashed line (Fig D). Re­move the papers by tear­ing along the seam lines. Re­peat steps 8–13 make an iden­ti­cal Tem­plate B.


Sew a 1¼in x 2¼in strip of yel­low fab­ric to one side of a 2¼in dark grey square. Sew a 1¼in x 3in yel­low strip to an ad­ja­cent side of the grey square (Fig E). Make a se­cond iden­ti­cal square. Sew one of these squares to ei­ther end of one Tem­plate B (Fig F). Set aside. 15

Take one co­or­di­nat­ing Tem­plate A piece and fold in half to get a cen­tre point. Fold each of the Tem­plate B pieces in half to mark their cen­tre points. Pin Tem­plate A and B pieces RST, match­ing cen­tre points and edges and then fill­ing the space in be­tween us­ing plenty of pins (Fig G). Sew to­gether, care­fully and slowly, eas­ing your curved seam and piv­ot­ing ev­ery few stitches. Press (Fig H).


Us­ing the same tech­nique sew the re­main­ing Tem­plate B pieces to the other side, match­ing points where the squares in­ter­sect. Press (Fig I).


Sew the Tem­plate C pieces to ei­ther side, pin­ning and eas­ing the curve to give a 10½in square block (Fig J).


Re­peat steps 8–17 to make an­other two blocks us­ing pink fab­rics. Make four blocks each us­ing or­ange, green, turquoise and pur­ple, and three red.


Sew the four or­ange blocks to­gether to make one large ring. Re­peat with the pur­ple and turquoise blocks. Use the three pink blocks and one green block to make an­other large ring block and the three red blocks and one green to make the fi­nal large ring block. Set aside the two ex­tra green blocks.


Fol­low­ing the Lay­out Di­a­gram, sew a 10½in back­ground square to each of the set aside green blocks. Piece the large blocks to­gether with these and the 10½in x 20½in back­ground strips.


Sew the 10½in x 60½in back­ground bor­der strip to the left hand side and the 12½in x 60½in bor­der strip to the right.

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