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1 From Fab­rics A and B cut: ■ Forty one (41) pieces us­ing the Y Seam tem­plate.

2 From Fab­ric C cut: ■ Twenty six (26) pieces us­ing the Y Seam tem­plate.

3 From Fab­ric D cut: ■ Twenty five (25) pieces us­ing the Y Seam tem­plate.

4 From Fab­ric E cut: ■ Forty two (42) pieces us­ing the Y Seam tem­plate.

5 From the bind­ing fab­ric cut: ■ Seven (7) 2½in x WOF strips.


6 Copy the red seam marks from the tem­plate onto the wrong side of each Y Seam piece. The points where lines cross will be your start­ing and stop­ping points for piec­ing. As you piece, make sure to lock stitch, or back­stitch a few stitches at each marked point.

7 Lay the pieces out in ver­ti­cal rows, re­fer­ring to Fig 1 for place­ment. Be­gin­ning with the first col­umn, take the top two pieces and align right sides to­gether. Take time to match up the marked points along the sloped edges of the piece. Sew the two pieces to­gether, mak­ing sure to back­stitch at the start and end points.

8 Press the pieces open. Po­si­tion the next piece right sides to­gether with the top piece, along their straight edges. Sew the two edges, be­tween the marked points. Re­po­si­tion to align the two sloped edges and again sew be­tween the marked points. Press both seams open.

9 Con­tinue adding pieces un­til you’ve com­pleted the row, press­ing as you go. Be care­ful not to pull and dis­tort the pieces, and pin as much as you need to keep the pieces aligned. Re­peat for the re­main­ing six col­umns.

10 Sew the col­umns to­gether, care­fully match­ing seams. Trim the top and bot­tom of the quilt top, so it mea­sures 72 in tall.


11 Cut the back­ing fab­ric in half across the width. Re­move the selvedges and sew the two pieces to­gether us­ing a in seam. Press the seam open.

12 Press the quilt top and back­ing well. Make a quilt sand­wich by plac­ing the back­ing fab­ric right side down, the bat­ting on top, then place the quilt top cen­trally and right side up. Baste the three quilt lay­ers to­gether us­ing your pre­ferred method.

13 Quilt as de­sired. Karen quilted wavy hor­i­zon­tal lines to em­pha­size the waves cre­ated by the piec­ing. Trim off the ex­cess bat­ting and back­ing fab­ric and square up the quilt.

14 Sew the bind­ing strips to­gether end-to-end us­ing di­ag­o­nal seams. Press the seams open. Fold in half length­ways, wrong sides to­gether, and press.

15 Sew the bind­ing to the right side of the quilt, cre­at­ing a neat mitre at each cor­ner. Fold the bind­ing over to the back of the quilt and hand stitch in place to fin­ish.

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