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Inspired by Gracey Larson’s stunning mountain quilt on p38, I’ve found myself thinking of the ‘mountains’ that we climb as quilters. It’s easy to look at a complex design and be intimidate­d, or not know where to start with a daunting new project. Luckily we’ve got plenty of patterns to assist with those early steps and start building skills to help you tackle any challenge (and make those last binding stitches even sweeter). Cait Lisle’s supersized HST quilt and cushion is the perfect project duo for newbie quilters, while Bay Corbishley’s blooming designs are just the thing if you’re keen to master curves. Kate Webber faces Y-seams head on in this issue’s Technique Focus too, proving that they’re not as scary as you may think! Whatever your mountain, we’re here to help you on your way up.

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