Clean up yourMac

Clear out the clut­ter to make your Mac run like a dream

Mac Format - - CONTENTS - Writ­ten by Craig Gran­nell

We’re all guilty of it: sav­ing files in a hurry and say­ing to our­selves we’ll tidy later.

Cut to sev­eral months later and those files are likely to be ex­actly where you left them. The longer you leave things, the more you ac­cu­mu­late, and the big­ger the task of clean­ing up gets.

With the ease of mi­grat­ing from an old Mac to a new one, it’s easy to carry across years’ worth of cruft, up un­til the point you run out of stor­age space and your pro­duc­tiv­ity grinds to a halt. You’ll soon dis­cover ways to deal with that, us­ing a mix of tools built in to macOS and third-party apps that pro­vide a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive on what’s tak­ing up space. You’ll also learn easy tech­niques to keep fu­ture chaos at bay.

Run­ning out of space isn’t just a Mac prob­lem, though. Your iPhone and iPad may need sort­ing out now and then, so we also have tips to get those de­vices in a good state – and stay that way.

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