How to Work with Stacks

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1 Or­gan­ise your files Click on an empty area of the desk­top, then choose View > Use Stacks. Al­ter­na­tively, ≈- click any­where on the desk­top and choose Use Stacks, or click the desk­top and press ≈+ç+0 to tog­gle the fea­ture on or off.

2 View a stack’s con­tents

A stack looks like a bun­dle of files, with only one file’s thumb­nail pre­view vis­i­ble. Click on the stack to ex­pand it and see the icons/ pre­views of files within it. Click the ar­row icon at the top of those files to close the stack.

3 Con­vert to a folder

You can quickly turn any stack into a folder. ≈- click on the stack and choose ‘New Folder with Se­lec­tion’. The stack will then be turned into a reg­u­lar folder con­tain­ing all the files that were in it.

4 Re­name a stack’s items

You can eas­ily re­name items within a stack. Sim­ply ≈- click on a stack and choose ‘Re­name <num­ber> items’. Choose from the op­tions in the win­dow that opens to re­name all the files ac­cord­ing to the cri­te­ria you spec­ify.

5 Re­or­gan­ise your stacks

Open Fin­der’s View menu or ≈- click on the desk­top to show its con­tex­tual menu, open the ‘Group Stacks by’ sub­menu and choose an at­tribute. If you pick None, files are un­stacked and re­turn to their orig­i­nal po­si­tions.

6 Sort items in a stack

With the desk­top grouped in stacks, you can sort the items within the stacks. ≈- click on the desk­top, hold å, then choose an at­tribute, such as ‘Date last opened’ from the Sort Stacks By op­tion.

7 Share files in a stack

You can open a stack and drag a file to an­other folder or drive, or ≈- click on it and choose Share to send it to an app, ser­vice or per­son. To share all files in a stack, ≈- click on the closed stack, choose Share, then a method.

8 Pre­view with Quick Look

To browse a stack’s con­tents, ≈- click on it and choose ‘Quick Look <num­ber> Items’. Use the ar­rows (top of the Quick Look win­dow) to nav­i­gate the file pre­views, view them in a grid, or use Fin­der’s new Quick Ac­tions on them.

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