How to Re­fine your edit­ing tech­niques

Mac Format - - APPLE SKILLS -

1 Split some au­dio If you only need some of a record­ing, you can split it. In the li­brary, tap the ‘…’ (three dots) on it, then Split Au­dio. Drag the top of the black play­head to fine-tune, tap Play to check, po­si­tion it again, then tap ‘Save & split’.

2 Li­brary ver­sus episode It’s a good idea to re­name the parts: tap the ’…’ on one, then ‘Re­name seg­ment’. Drag one from the li­brary into your episode. You can fur­ther split and re­name seg­ments there, if you want, with­out af­fect­ing the copy in the li­brary.

3 Trim your au­dio In­stead of split­ting a record­ing, you might want to lose only the start and/or end. Tap the ‘…’ on a seg­ment in the li­brary or an episode and pick ‘Trim au­dio’. Drag the Start and End mark­ers, then tap Play to check.

4 Sep­a­rate ver­sions En­sure the start/end points fall on quiet mo­ments, so the seg­ment fits well. Then tap ‘Save & trim’. The full ver­sion re­mains in the li­brary; if you trimmed a seg­ment stored there, the short­ened ver­sion is saved as a new one.

5 Com­bine with other apps You may want to use an­other app to record au­dio – say, GarageBand. Ex­port to a lo­ca­tion that’s ac­ces­si­ble in the Files app, then switch to An­chor, tap Im­port at the top of the li­brary, then browse to the file and tap it.

6 Han­dle im­ported au­dio With the im­ported file in the li­brary, you can treat it like au­dio recorded in An­chor: Re­name it – to your pod­cast’s name then ‘theme tune’, say – or split it into smaller seg­ments, then drag it into an episode.

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