Toshiba XS700 240GB

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£85 FROM Toshiba, toshiba-mem­ fea­tures USB 3.1 Gen 2, USB-A to USB-C adapter

There are a lot of ex­ter­nal SSDs out there, but few as

fast as the XS700. If you’ve got a USB-C Mac, this trades blows with the best with­out break­ing the bank.

Our test­ing put it neck and neck with the Sea­gate Fast SSD that we re­viewed in MF #331, with av­er­age read speeds of 443MB/sec to the Sea­gate’s 447.2MB/sec. The av­er­age write speeds were sim­i­larly close, with the Toshiba edg­ing ahead with 417.5MB/sec com­pared to 411.7MB/sec for the Sea­gate.

It’s a sim­i­lar story when it comes to max­i­mum speeds. The Toshiba was a hair be­hind, its read speed max­ing out at 536.1MB/sec, but its 510.7MB/sec max write speed pulled it ahead.

That makes it one of the fastest sin­gle-drive ex­ter­nal SSDs we’ve re­viewed, even (slightly) quicker than the CalDigit Tuff, our pre­vi­ous champ. If you need to move a lot of files in a hurry, the XS700 is a strong con­tender.

The drive’s USB-A speeds were in line with what we ex­pected and have seen on sim­i­lar drives, so you’re not miss­ing out if you don’t have a USB-C Mac.

The de­sign feels fairly sturdy, but not as strong as the partly metal Sea­gate Fast SSD. There’s a USB-A to USB-C ca­ble in­cluded and, help­fully, an adapter so you can use it with a USB-C Mac right out of the box.

That’s where you’ll re­ally feel the ben­e­fits of this drive, but it’s still worth getting if you have a USB-A Mac or are con­sid­er­ing a drive with USB 3.1 Gen 2 sup­port.

The XS700 is small, light­weight and com­pet­i­tively priced, but its en­clo­sure isn’t the strong­est.

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