Sam­sung’s fold­able dis­play

Highly an­tic­i­pated tech­nol­ogy ap­pears on stage


Pun­dits love to pro­claim that Ap­ple no longer in­no­vates – and Sam­sung

wants to keep that topic hot. That’s be­cause it has just un­veiled the tech – dubbed the In­fin­ity Flex Dis­play – that it is plan­ning to use in a fu­ture fold­ing phone.

The idea be­hind the dis­play is that you can un­fold the de­vice from a smart­phone into a tablet. When folded, you use the screen on the front; once it’s un­folded, there is a wider, flex­i­ble dis­play on the in­side.

It’s an in­ter­est­ing con­cept, and one that Sam­sung be­lieves will cre­ate “en­tirely new ways of us­ing the smart­phone”. Any such de­sign would have to be tough enough to with­stand thou­sands of fold­ing ac­tions over the lifes­pan of the de­vice, while re­main­ing thin and light enough to fit into your pocket. On that point, Sam­sung says the dis­play can be folded “hun­dreds of thou­sands of times”.

Sam­sung ap­peared coy about show­ing the de­vice in full – most of the im­ages were il­lus­tra­tions or ren­ders. When the ac­tual de­vice ap­peared, it was only shown in dark light­ing and not in great de­tail – “dis­guised”, ac­cord­ing to the Sam­sung pre­sen­ter.

One UI

Along­side the fold­able dis­play, Sam­sung re­vealed One UI, its take on the op­er­at­ing sys­tem that would run on the de­vice. Sam­sung ex­plained it was de­signed to make one-handed use eas­ier, with “the most rel­e­vant con­tent on the bot­tom half of the screen”. In an ap­par­ent at­tempt to one-up Ap­ple’s Split View, One UI can also run three apps si­mul­ta­ne­ously.

The con­cept phone would have two dis­plays and un­fold into a tablet.

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