How to Per­form ba­sic ed­its

Mac Format - - APPLE SKILLS -

1 Cre­ate new project +

Tap to cre­ate your first project, then name it. Choose a frame rate that suits your clips (you can change the frame rate later if you’re un­sure). Use a 16:9 Frame As­pect for widescreen footage. Tap Cre­ate Project.

2 View clips

To add me­dia to your project, tap on Al­bums in the Sources panel. Tap on the Video al­bum to view thumb­nails of any videos stored in your iPad’s Pho­tos app. You can view the se­lected clip by tap­ping the Play icon in the Pre­view panel.

3 Trim the clip

There are lots of ways to trim your clip so that you only fea­ture the good bits. In the Pre­view win­dow, drag the blue trim han­dles to make the clip start and end where you pre­fer. Here we’ve trimmed an eight-sec­ond clip to three.

4 Add to time­line

Af­ter trim­ming a clip, tap the Send to Time­line but­ton (num­bered 4 on our an­no­ta­tion). The trimmed sec­tion will drop just af­ter the ver­ti­cal blue play­head in the time­line. A yel­low check will ap­pear by the used clip in the Source panel.

5 Play the edit

The Pre­view win­dow now dis­plays the time­line’s con­tent. Tap the Play icon to view your movie’s first clip. Tap Jump For­ward (to the right of the Play icon) to make the ver­ti­cal blue play­head jump to the end of the clip in the time­line.

6 Add mul­ti­ple clips

Tap on a new clip in the Source panel. The op­tions icon changes to the multi-se­lec­tion check­mark – tap this to turn it blue, then on an­other clip to add it to the se­lec­tion. Tap the Send to Time­line icon to add them all at once.

7 Trim in the time­line

In the time­line, tap on one of the clips you just added to sum­mon blue trim han­dles. Drag the start and end han­dles to shorten the clip. The Pre­view panel will show you the frames you’ll start and fin­ish on as you drag.

8 Re­order the clips

To change the or­der of clips in your time­line, hold a fin­ger on one and then drag it be­fore or af­ter an­other clip in the time­line. Let go of the clip when you see the in­sert icon. If you make a mis­take, tap the undo ar­row un­der the Pre­view panel.

9 Share your movie

Tap the Share icon at the top of the Pre­view panel. By tap­ping Movie, you can select a des­ti­na­tion such as Video, YouTube or Face­book. You could also ex­port your edit to iCloud Drive and im­port it into Fi­nal Cut Pro X on a Mac.

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