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HOW TO Getting your new Mac up and running


1 Log in with your Apple ID

Whether you migrate with the assistant or manually, the first thing to do on your new Mac is log in with your Apple ID. You might have to do so a few times: a bug means not everything is authorised the first one or two times.

2 Check your iCloud

In System Preference­s > Apple ID > iCloud, switch on the iCloud services you want to use and switch off any that you don’t. Click on Options if you want to change what apps iCloud Drive will store and sync data for.

3 Enable Touch ID

If your new Mac has a Touch ID sensor, you’ll be asked whether you want to use Touch ID for unlocking the Mac, for Apple Pay, for authorisin­g payments and for auto-filling passwords. You’ll need to give your Mac your fingerprin­ts for this.

4 Enable Apple Pay

If you choose to use Touch ID for Apple Pay, the next step is to add cards so you can use them whenever you authorise an Apple Pay payment. If you’ve used the Migration Assistant it will copy your stored cards across.

5 Confirm your cards

Whether you’re adding a card or using one copied from your old Mac, the card issuer(s) will need to authorise your card for use with Apple Pay. You can do this with a text message to your trusted phone, or by calling the card issuer.

6 Set up your SMS

SMS forwarding is controlled by your phone, not your Mac, so if messages aren’t appearing on your Mac, the culprit is probably in your iPhone’s settings app. Go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding to include your new Mac.

7 Remove old devices

For the Music and TV apps, there is a limit to how many Macs and other Apple devices you can use with your account. Go into the app and select Account > View My Account > Manage Devices to remove any old devices.

8 Create new passwords

You may need new per-app passwords for third-party apps that access Apple services, such as email. You can generate new ones by going to > Security > AppSpecifi­c Passwords > Generate Password.

9 Delete your old devices

Scroll down to see the devices currently connected to your Apple ID. If you spot a Mac or other Apple device you no longer have, click on it, check it’s the right one and then select Remove From Account to disconnect it.

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