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HOW TO Configure Safari website preference­s


1 Control pop-up windows

Click the Safari menu and choose Preference­s. Select the Websites tab and scroll down to and click Pop-up Windows. To control pop-ups for currently open tabs, choose one, click the menu next to it and choose an option.

2 Manage for other sites

Once you’ve set the pop-up preference­s for all the currently open tabs, you can dictate behaviour for every other website collective­ly. Click the menu next to ‘When visiting other websites’ and choose an option.

3 Website notificati­ons

Choose Notificati­ons from Preference­s > Websites. Choose an option for each website listed. To prevent every other website from sending notificati­ons, uncheck ‘Allow websites to ask permission to send notificati­ons’.

4 Configured websites

To change options for websites that aren’t open, scroll to the bottom of the window and look under Configured Websites. Choose a website and click the menu to change its configurat­ion. To reset it completely, click Remove.

5 Open in Reader

If you’re fed up with manually clicking the Reader button for certain websites, select Reader from the sidebar, choose a website and set the menu to On. If a website you want to configure isn’t listed, open it in a tab in Safari.

6 Install content blockers

Before you can configure a content blocker, you’ll need to install one. Click the Safari menu and choose Safari Extensions to go to the relevant section of the Mac App Store. Choose an extension and click Get to install it.

7 Content blockers

Choose Content Blockers in the sidebar. This will configure all the blockers you have installed. Click the menu next to each website in the list and choose On or Off. Choose an option from ‘When visiting other websites’.

8 Configure Auto-Play

There are three options for autoplayin­g videos: Allow All Auto-Play, Stop Media with Sound, or Never Auto-Play. To configure it, choose Auto-Play in the sidebar and follow the same process for open tabs and the rest of the web.

9 Set Page zoom

You can control whether websites open at 100%, or range the zoom from 50% to 300%. Select Page Zoom in the sidebar. Choose an option for each website that’s currently open, then for every other site on the web.

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