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Expand your iPad’s abilities with the latest accessorie­s and add-ons


As we’ve mentioned, the iPad is a tremendous­ly versatile device, but most iPad owners still need to buy an assortment of cables and adaptors in order to connect the iPad to other non-Apple devices.

Apple makes its own range of cables and adaptors, with options such as its Digital AV adaptors (£49£79) for HDMI displays and TVs proving essential for many. Apple’s accessorie­s are expensive, though, so it’s worth exploring alternativ­es from companies such as Belkin, which makes a wide range of Lightning and USB-C adaptors that enable the iPad to work with external displays, wired Ethernet networks, and audio devices.

Of course, many iPad owners also have an iPhone, as well as AirPods and an Apple Watch, and we’ve seen some great multi-charger devices, such as the BaseLynx from Scosche (£139.95) and Kensington’s StudioCadd­y (£125), which can charge multiple mobile devices at the same time.

Adding extra kit

Beyond basic chargers and adaptors, you’ll no doubt want accessorie­s and devices that can improve your productivi­ty when working with an iPad. The Apple Pencil (£89/£119) has been a great success, proving popular for graphics and design work, and iPadOS now works with Bluetooth mice and keyboards, so popular models such as Logitech’s MX range for the Mac will also work with the iPad too; in fact, Logitech had a feature similar to Apple’s ‘innovative’ new Universal Control about five years ago.

It’s also worth rememberin­g that the USB-C and Thunderbol­t ports used on the iPad mini, Air And Pro enable you to connect USB storage devices for backing up your work files too. And if you really want to go to town, you can buy a device such as Kensington’s StudioDock (£369.99), which turns your iPad Air or Pro into a proper desktop computer, with a multi-charger for the iPad and other devices, multiple USB ports, headphone socket, SD card reader, Ethernet port, and HDMI for an external display.

 ?? ?? Apple accessorie­s come at a premium price, but they do of course work like a dream with your iPad.
Apple accessorie­s come at a premium price, but they do of course work like a dream with your iPad.

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