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From £59

If you want to improve your photos without spending too much, this is the app for you. If you’re worried that you don’t have the know-how for technical image edits, this is also the app for you! The software uses artificial intelligen­ce (AI) to analyse your photos with templates for various categories, instantly enhancing your shot. And, once the AI has worked its magic, you can make your own easy tweaks.

TO-DO (MAC/iOS) Todoist

From Free

Task management apps should be clear and simple but with features on hand for you to be as productive as possible. Todoist provides that platform, and the Premium £3.99 tier in particular gets our vote. The interface is very easy to navigate and the comprehens­ive toolset is accessible without being overwhelmi­ng. The price includes both Mac and iOS apps, file uploads and collaborat­ive tools.

VIDEO EDITOR (iOS) LumaFusion 3

£25.99 (IAPs)

The accomplish­ed video editing suite can now download from various cloud services and read directly from a USB-C or Thunderbol­t drive – files can be edited at source. The Lock & Load feature provides presets and fine-grained controls for stabilisat­ion, and a graphic equaliser can enhance or diminish audio frequencie­s. The interface also allows you to easily resize various windows.



Not only can TextSniper extract and recognise text from anything you see on your Mac’s screen, it can do so very quickly. The app can handle just about any type of copy – be it a screenshot, PDF, scanned photo document, and so on. It’s easy to use, works almost instantly, and we’re really impressed with its accuracy. If you need a decent text recognitio­n app, try this excellent affordable option.

DISK UTILITY (MAC) Carbon Copy Cloner 6 £29.45

If you’re finding Time Machine backups somewhat inflexible, look no further than CCC for your replacemen­t. Carbon Copy Cloner 6’s comprehens­ive feature set includes flexible backups, disk cloning and snapshot management. A help book is on hand which also links to the company’s online Knowledge Base, so you’re always assured of access to technical and specialist advice.

CALENDAR & TASKS (MAC/iOS) Fantastica­l 3

From £3.25 per month

NOTE-TAKING (iOS) Notability 10


Notability is a very flexible note-taking app. It can combine different mediums, such as illustrati­ons, handwritin­g and audio recordings, and import PDFs and scan documents. Version 10 also brings an in-house Shop for purchasing additional stickers, themes and features, such as handwritin­g conversion. The app works well with Apple Pencil and supports a range of cloud-based services.

SCANNER/OCR (iOS) Genius Scan+

£7.99 thegrizzly­

Genius Scan uses your iOS device’s camera and processing power to deliver comprehens­ive scanning and textrecogn­ition capabiliti­es. The free app (Genius Scan 6.0) provides document detection, background removal, distortion correction, as well as the ability to export to PDF and create multi-page PDFs, but the £7.99 Genius Scan+ (available as an IAP) introduces a superb OCR engine.


Free sparkmaila­

Feeling inbox anxiety? The solution could be Spark, our favourite iPhone email app after winning MF340’s group test. Its ‘smart inbox’ prioritise­s emails based on perceived importance – no more vital messages getting lost in a sea of spam. You can snooze messages to be reminded about them later, and search your mailboxes using natural language. And to top it all off, it’s free.

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