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1 Pick your workout

Customisat­ion is available across all available workouts, so pick a workout type and then tap on the three dots to its right. Tapping on Suggested enables you to filter the available workouts; tap on the pencil icon to create a new one.

2 Change the view

Now we want to set our Workout Views, which specify what informatio­n we want to see during our workouts. You can also use this screen to set alerts, for example for heart rate targets or times. Tap on Workout Views to continue.

3 See the views

In the Workout Views section, which looks like the installed watch face gallery, tap on Edit then use the Digital Crown or touchscree­n to scroll through the available views. Tap on the Include button next to any view you want to include.

4 Keep on scrolling

There are different options for different kinds of workout. Some views are for segments, dividing a workout into multiple bits – eg, hilly climbs then flatter terrain. Double-tapping the screen during a workout creates a new segment.

5 See your progress

As we’re in the hiking workout, we’re going to include this view of our elevation, which shows how high up we’ve been during our exploratio­n. As with other views, tapping on Include enables us to scroll on to it during a workout.

6 Edit the metrics

On metric-based views you’ll see a pencil icon. Tapping that enables you to select which metrics to display in which slot. For example, you might want your distance at the top. Make your selection and tap Done when you’re finished.

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