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Knowing how to create Zip files on iPhone is a useful skill. It allows you to compress files so they take up less space – potentiall­y saving you the cost of upgrading to a larger capacity iPhone or having to buy more room on iCloud. Zip files are also easier to email since you may be able to get below the typical 25MB attachment limit. What’s more, the files you compress can be anything from docs and audio to images and videos and, since they’re placed inside a single file, they start to become more manageable. For this tutorial, we’re concentrat­ing on using the Files app.

Launch the Files app

A Open the Files app either by looking for the Files icon on your Home Screen or by using Spotlight (swipe down on the iPhone screen, type Files and tap the icon when it appears).

Choose a location

B Look for the files you want to compress. You can tap Browse and choose a location such as iCloud Drive or On My Phone. You will then be able to tap a folder to view the files within it.

View and select your files

C Once a folder is open, tap the ‘…’ button in the top-right corner and tap Select. Now tap on files that you would like to include in your compressed Zip.

Compress the files

D When you have selected all of the files you need, tap the ‘…’ button in the bottom-right corner and select Compress.

Rename the archive

E A Zip file will be created and this will appear in the same folder as the files you selected. If you press and hold on the Zip file you can tap Rename and enter a new filename if you wish.

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