Tooth Fairy

Ideal for AirPods

- Matt Bolton

$0.99 Developer Robin Lu, Requiremen­ts OS X 10.11 or later

This tiny utility adds an icon to the menu bar that enables you to connect or disconnect a particular Bluetooth device from your Mac with a single click. You choose which device from your Mac’s list of Bluetooth devices, and you can set a global shortcut, so you don’t even need the menu icon.

It’s designed for AirPods, really: any other Bluetooth audio device must be actively disconnect­ed from any other devices it’s working with before you can connect it from your Mac. Apple’s smarter wireless tech in the AirPods doesn’t require this, and can switch seamlessly as soon as you click Tooth Fairy’s icon – and it works great for this, enabling connection­s in fewer clicks than the Bluetooth menu.

It’s still kind of useful (if less instant and convenient) for other Bluetooth headphones and speakers. But it’s very limited – being able to have icons/shortcuts for more than one device would be good – and we encountere­d a stability problem when changing which device it worked with.

the bottom line. Good for AirPods users, middling for others. But cheap!

Tooth Fairy

Connect and disconnect in one click Set menu bar icon or global hot key Only works with one device Bluetooth limitation­s hamper non-W1 devices


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