Con­trol Cen­ter

A more pow­er­ful and eas­ier-to-use way to ad­just iOS de­vice set­tings

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Con­trol cen­ter is a lit­tle awk­ward in iOS 10, so the new ver­sion re­verts to a one-page de­sign, mean­ing you no longer have to swipe left or right just to reach the set of con­trols you need. In­stead, con­trols are neatly grouped, and there are ad­di­tional set­tings just a firm press away.

You might think Con­trol Cen­ter looks a lot more clut­tered when you first open it, but there’s a smart hi­er­ar­chy to the way con­trols are laid out, and set­tings you’re less likely to want to al­ter are tucked away.

One of our fa­vorite changes is that the re­designed in­ter­face dis­penses with some of the clumsy, Mac-like con­trols. No­tice in the screens here that the vol­ume and screen bright­ness con­trols are no longer ad­justed by drag­ging a small han­dle along a track. In­stead, they’re shown as two ver­ti­cal strips; you only have to place your fin­ger on one of these and swipe up or down to ad­just its value.

At first, it might ap­pear that some im­por­tant con­trols are miss­ing. For ex­am­ple, the one that redi­rects your de­vice’s au­dio to an AirPlay speaker or Ap­ple TV, the switch that tog­gles Night Shift on or off, and the con­trols for your fa­vorite HomeKit ac­ces­sories and scenes. In re­al­ity, what’s changed is that Con­trol Cen­ter now makes more ex­ten­sive use of 3D Touch than it does in iOS 10. Press­ing firmly on some con­trols, or on groups of them, you un­cover more de­tailed set­tings such as those just men­tioned.

3D Touch can also be ap­plied to the group of con­nec­tiv­ity icons at the top left, which ini­tially shows four switches for Air­plane Mode, Wi-Fi, Blue­tooth, and cel­lu­lar data. Press­ing firmly on this group re­veals AirDrop and Per­sonal Hotspot, and sta­tus de­scrip­tions for all six items.

Beyond aes­thet­ics and in­ter­ac­tions, Con­trol Cen­ter sports a huge prac­ti­cal im­prove­ment: there’s a bunch of ex­tra con­trols you can choose to add, and you can re­move the fa­mil­iar alarm, flash­light, cam­era, or cal­cu­la­tor con­trols if you don’t use them. The ad­di­tional con­trols in­clude short­cuts to Low Power Mode, Dy­namic Text size, and the spe­cial Mag­ni­fier cam­era mode, which is an ac­ces­si­bil­ity fea­ture in­tro­duced in iOS 10.

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