CloudMounter 2

Mount all your cloud stor­age in Fin­der


$29.99 Man­u­fac­turer El­tima Soft­ware, el­ Re­quire­ments OS X 10.10 or later

One of the great­est strengths of cloud stor­age ser­vices like Drop­box and Google Drive – the fact that they mir­ror your cloud data on your Mac – is also a big weak­ness.

Mir­ror­ing data and sync­ing it across de­vices makes it quick and easy to ac­cess, but also takes up valu­able stor­age space on your Mac. CloudMounter of­fers to make those drives avail­able with­out need­ing to mir­ror their data on your Mac, thus not tak­ing up any ex­tra space. It can also en­crypt any cloud drive or any folder on a drive.

Once you’ve logged in to each cloud ser­vice, the app mounts the drive in the Fin­der and from there on, it’s just like us­ing a lo­cal vol­ume, al­beit a lit­tle bit slower.

The app sup­ports Drop­box, OneDrive, Google Drive and Ama­zon S3, as well as FTP and We­bDAV servers. We found it worked seam­lessly, with the only slight difference be­tween us­ing, say, Drop­box in CloudMounter and Drop­box’s own app be­ing a slight de­lay in ac­cess­ing data when us­ing the former setup.

THE BOT­TOM LINE. If you don’t mind a wait­ing a few sec­onds to ac­cess your files, CloudMounter is an ex­cel­lent way to save space on your Mac.

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