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Since up­dat­ing to macOS Sierra 10.12.4, I’ve had prob­lems ac­cess­ing my Mac us­ing screen shar­ing and VNC from my iPad. Us­ing an­other Mac is fine, but au­then­ti­cat­ing us­ing the iPad’s on­screen key­board fails. Us­ing a Blue­tooth key­board with the iPad works fine. What’s up?

This is a bizarre bug which ap­pears to be con­fined to that ver­sion of Sierra, which means the on‑screen ß key doesn’t work on the iPad. If you en­ter a pass­word con­tain­ing cap­i­tals, Ap­ple’s VNC server – to which the iPad is try­ing to con­nect – sees low­er­case let­ters and re­jects it.

As you’ve dis­cov­ered, you can work around it by not us­ing an iOS on-screen key­board; a Blue­tooth key­board or a Mac will do nicely, though. You could also change your pass­word so it doesn’t use cap­i­tals. The is­sue is in­de­pen­dent of your choice of VNC app on iOS, and ap­pears to oc­cur some­where be­tween 10.12.4 and Ap­ple’s VNC Server. If you sub­sti­tute an­other VNC server, such as RealVNC (, then the on-screen key­board works nor­mally again.

If macOS 10.12.4’s Screen Shar­ing fea­ture no longer ac­cepts your pass­word from an iOS de­vice, try elim­i­nat­ing cap­i­tals.

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