How to Work with Mis­sion Con­trol

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1 Get an over­view

To open Mis­sion Con­trol, swipe up with three fin­gers on your track­pad or dou­ble-tap two fin­gers on a Magic Mouse. All open win­dows in the cur­rent workspace spread out. Re­verse/re­peat the ges­ture to re­turn to the desk­top.

2 Switch apps

Apps that are min­i­mized keep run­ning, so videos con­tinue play­ing and web pages up­date. To switch to an app, click its Dock icon to bring it to the fore­ground; if its win­dow is min­i­mized, this should re­store it.

3 Add a new space

Move the pointer to the top bar to re­veal your spa­ces. To add one, click the + at the top right. To delete one, put the pointer over it and click the X. Click one to go to it and leave Mis­sion Con­trol, or Alt-click to stay in this view.

4 Move apps around

To move a win­dow to a dif­fer­ent space, drag and drop it onto an ex­ist­ing space’s thumb­nail in the top bar. Or, drop it onto the + sym­bol at the top right of Mis­sion Con­trol to make a new space and put the win­dow in it.

5 Add workspaces

Drag a win­dow to a gap in the top bar to switch it to full-screen mode. Full-screen apps can be ac­cessed via Mis­sion Con­trol or us­ing the å+† app switcher. Drop an­other win­dow on one’s space to en­ter Split View mode.

6 Tweak set­tings

To cus­tomize Mis­sion Con­trol, go to  > Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > Mis­sion Con­trol. Use the two pop-ups la­beled Mis­sion Con­trol to set your own mouse and key­board short­cuts to the fea­ture; this is help­ful for non-Ap­ple mice.

7 Dash­board set­tings

Also in Mis­sion Con­trol’s prefs, you can set Dash­board to dis­play as a tem­po­rary over­lay or a space in its own right, and which func­tion key re­veals it. You can set a more ex­otic key combo in the Key­boards pane, un­der Short­cuts.

8 Change short­cuts

Also in Mis­sion Con­trol’s prefs, you can set short­cuts to move win­dows aside and see the desk­top, and to view only the cur­rent app’s win­dows from all spa­ces. Hold one or more of ß, ≈, Alt, and ç to use them in a short­cut.

> Group by app

By de­fault, win­dows in Mis­sion Con­trol are spread out with­out over­laps, but you can check “Group win­dows by ap­pli­ca­tion” in Mis­sion Con­trol’s prefs, which stacks them.

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