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A lot of med­i­ta­tion apps want you to sit per­fectly still, close your eyes, and lis­ten to some blissed-out voice re­mind­ing you to keep breath­ing. If that’s not your idea of re­lax­ing, Sway is worth a look. It doesn’t mind if you keep your eyes open. It doesn’t have any talk­ing at all, just peace­ful, calm­ing tones and sound ef­fects that put you in al­most a trance-like state. And you don’t have to stay still. In fact, you have to keep mov­ing to keep med­i­tat­ing.

Sway is an in­ter­ac­tive med­i­ta­tion app, fo­cus­ing your at­ten­tion on slow, repet­i­tive move­ment, kind of like tai chi, one of its in­spi­ra­tions. This makes it a more nat­u­ral fit for noisy en­vi­ron­ments than guided med­i­ta­tion, which works best in a quiet space. To keep a Sway ses­sion go­ing, you have to keep your phone in con­stant mo­tion — not too fast and not too slow, or a tone and mes­sage on the screen prompt you to ad­just.

You start with a three-minute goal, which in­creases by one minute each day, with an ul­ti­mate goal of 20 min­utes. Best of all, there’s no sub­scrip­tion fee, just a one-time pur­chase that gets you six lev­els that un­lock one by one — but if you don’t stay at it, you drop a level, in or­der to en­cour­age good habits.

Move­ment is the fo­cus, but we wish the app had a “work mode” where we could put the phone down but keep Sway’s sounds play­ing, be­cause we think we could lis­ten to them for hours.

The bot­tom line. Even in noisy sur­round­ings, Sway brings us in­ner peace.

Once you hit the day’s goal, the ses­sion doesn’t end – and you won’t want it to.

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