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$29.99 From Edovia, Needs OS X 10.11 or later Screens 4 en­ables you to con­nect to your Mac from any­where there’s an in­ter­net con­nec­tion. Once con­nected you can con­trol the Mac re­motely as if you were sit­ting in right front of it.

Ver­sion 4 adds the abil­ity to trans­fer files by drag­ging and drop­ping be­tween your lo­cal Mac and the re­mote one, as well as a fea­ture that ob­scures the dis­play of the re­mote Mac while you work.

If you con­nect to a Mac with mul­ti­ple dis­plays at­tached, you can choose which of them you want to view, or see all of them at once. And if you con­nect to mul­ti­ple Macs, you can save them and ar­range them in groups to help you find them eas­ily later.

Set­ting up Screens is straight­for­ward. On a lo­cal net­work Macs are au­to­mat­i­cally de­tected, though you’ll need to switch on Screen Shar­ing in a re­mote Mac’s Sys­tem

Pref­er­ences to con­trol it. To con­nect over the in­ter­net, you need to set up a Screens ac­count and run the Screens Con­nect util­ity on the Mac you want to con­nect to.

We found Screens worked well, and con­nected quickly over our lo­cal net­work. For the most part it worked ex­actly as it

should. How­ever, we did run into oc­ca­sional prob­lems when try­ing to drag and drop files be­tween our lo­cal Mac and the one we were

con­nected to. Like­wise, we some­times ran into prob­lems copy­ing and past­ing be­tween re­mote and lo­cal Mac. Those prob­lems could have been down to our net­work, how­ever. Other than that, we found Screens to be a snap to set up and a plea­sure to use.

The Bot­tom Line. If you need to con­nect to a re­mote Mac, for what­ever rea­son, Screens 4 is a great way to do it.

You can group mul­ti­ple Macs and view them as thumb­nail images to make lo­cat­ing the one you want eas­ier.

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