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My MacBook Pro (Mid 2015) backs up to a Time Cap­sule. Re­cently, it started warn­ing me about once a week that back­ups have ver­i­fi­ca­tion prob­lems, and in­forms me that it must cre­ate a new backup. It then wipes all my old back­ups and starts again. How can I stop this?

Your Time Cap­sule is de­tect­ing that its pre­vi­ous back­ups are cor­rupted be­yond re­pair, so it must trash them and start afresh.

If this oc­curs once, it’s wor­ry­ing, and when it hap­pens re­peat­edly there must be some­thing se­ri­ously wrong with your Time Cap­sule.

Ensure its firmware is fully up to date by open­ing Air­Port Util­ity and in­spect­ing the Time Cap­sule there. Click any red badge next to it there for de­tails, up­date as needed, then ini­tial­ize it from scratch.

If, af­ter that, your Time Cap­sule re­peats this be­hav­ior, it shows that some­thing is cor­rupt­ing the hard disk in it, or that the drive is sick and fail­ing – which is a mat­ter for Ap­ple Sup­port, or a Ge­nius Bar. If it’s older than three years, you may need to re­place it.

If your Time Cap­sule is over three years old and keeps hav­ing to cre­ate a new backup, it may need to be re­placed.

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