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I nor­mally take the SDXC card out of my cam­era, put it into an In­te­gral card reader, and plug that into a USB port. This no longer works, and I can’t read the card on my iMac or MacBook. What’s up?

Try a dif­fer­ent card, in case that one has be­come cor­rupted. If that doesn’t work ei­ther, your reader may have bit­ten the dust.

Many Macs have in­te­gral card slots which save you the trou­ble of us­ing an­other pe­riph­eral. Older iMacs with op­ti­cal drives have their slot close to that drive. Newer mod­els with­out op­ti­cal drives po­si­tion the slot on the back, by the USB ports. In­sert the card the right way round, with the con­nec­tors go­ing in first.

Once you’ve down­loaded all the images from the card, re­for­mat it. In­sert the card into the cam­era, and use the cam­era’s menu sys­tem to for­mat it. For­mat­ting cards in your Mac isn’t a good idea, as it doesn’t un­der­stand the spe­cific fold­ers and other re­quire­ments ex­pected by your cam­era.

Fi­nally, al­ways re­mem­ber to eject the card prop­erly before re­mov­ing it from your Mac, ei­ther from an in­te­gral slot or an ex­ter­nal reader. Not only will macOS com­plain if you don’t, but it can re­sult in dam­age to the data on the card – even if it doesn’t look like data is cur­rently be­ing writ­ten.

Many mod­ern Macs have a built-in SDXC card reader, al­though the slot’s purpose isn’t al­ways ob­vi­ous.

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