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Pick a de­sign

Pages’ tem­plates in­clude the usual kinds of let­ters and fly­ers found in a word pro­ces­sor, but you can also cre­ate im­pres­sive brochures and other things you’d ex­pect from a desk­top pub­lish­ing app. We’ll use the Mu­seum Brochure.

Thumbs up

This tem­plate isn’t a one-pager: it’s de­signed to print on both sides. If you click the View but­ton at the top left of the win­dow and choose Show Page Thumb­nails, you can move be­tween the two sides with a click.

Drag images

Pages’ built-in me­dia browser can be painfully slow. To add images with­out hav­ing to wait around, drag them from Pho­tos (or Fin­der) onto the rel­e­vant spot on your doc­u­ment. Here we’re re­plac­ing the cen­ter im­age.

Re­size or move

As you might ex­pect, you can ad­just the space al­lo­cated to an im­age by drag­ging the han­dles on its edges and cor­ners. If you move an im­age, tem­po­rary guides ap­pear to help you align it with other ob­jects on the page.

Kill more col­ors

By de­fault, In­stant Al­pha only re­moves one color, but if you drag across a range of col­ors you’ll make all those the pointer passes over trans­par­ent, too. Take care: if you overdo it you’ll find that your images start to look re­ally weird.

Line it up

Choose View > Zoom > Fit Page to see how your page looks in full and check that the de­sign works. That large pic­ture on our page doesn’t look good: it should re­ally fit into the first col­umn, or sit be­hind the en­tire page.

Edit the mask

If you find that the pic­ture is too big for the space al­lowed, choose For­mat > Im­age > Edit Mask. You can now drag the im­age around within its frame, or re­size it so that it looks just right on your page, with­out be­ing cut off or too big.

Put it back

If you want an im­age to ap­pear be­hind ev­ery­thing else, click the For­mat in­spec­tor’s Ar­range tab. Some­times, though, you’ll see some­thing like the above: our im­age is be­hind an­other im­age that has a solid back­ground.

Add your own text

Re­plac­ing text in a Pages tem­plate couldn’t be sim­pler: just se­lect the text you want to re­place, then type or paste the new text. Use the For­mat in­spec­tor’s Text tab to ad­just fonts, sizes, col­ors and spac­ing to make things just so.

Kill the back­ground

If your im­age has a back­ground color, you can remove it: open the For­mat in­spec­tor (top right), then click the Im­age tab fol­lowed by In­stant Al­pha. If you now click the back­ground of your im­age, it ap­pears in cyan to in­di­cate trans­parency.

In­stant Al­pha again

We need to use In­stant Al­pha to remove the back­ground color from the fore­ground im­age. You may find this causes text to ap­pear around it. To stop that, se­lect the im­age, then ex­per­i­ment with the Ar­range tab’s Text Wrap op­tions.

Have some fun

Pages re­ally re­wards ex­plo­ration: the good old “What does this but­ton do?” ap­proach of­ten uncovers great fea­tures. Here we’ve ex­per­i­mented with trans­parency and masks to run a big im­age of a Mac across mul­ti­ple col­umns.

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