Use Witch’s search func­tion to type and rapidly fil­ter openw in­dows

How to Make the most of Witch

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Edit short­cuts

In the Ac­tions tab, click the cog in the con­trol un­der Key­board, and set the short­cut to ç+†. Set the Back­ward op­tion be­low to ß+ç+†. When it’s active, Witch will re­place macOS’s built-in app switcher.

Use the switcher

Open some Sa­fari win­dows and then hide the app ( ç+h). Bring up Witch ( ç+†), nav­i­gate to Sa­fari and, with your thumb still hold­ing ç, press the æ key. Your open Sa­fari win­dows will be dis­played in a list.

Pre­view and se­lect

To bring a win­dow to the front, se­lect it and re­lease ç or press ® . For non-hid­den win­dows, se­lected items can be pre­viewed by press­ing the space bar. Al­ter­na­tively, re­turn to the app switcher by press­ing “.

Use the menu bar

Back in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences, you’ll see a sec­ond switcher is set to show in the menu bar. Change its sort or­der to App Name > Win­dow Ti­tle. Now click the menu bar icon to see an al­pha­bet­ized list of apps and win­dows.

De­fine some short­cuts

We al­ready use ç- tab­bing for Witch‘s main switcher, so set the new switcher’s two short­cuts to å+† and ß+å+† for, re­spec­tively, for­ward and back­ward. Use the short­cut to bring up your new switcher.

Fil­ter your win­dows

If you’ve scads of win­dows open and don’t feel like go­ing through them all, open Witch and with ç held, press s to search. Start typ­ing to see only item names con­tain­ing your search terms. Again, ® se­lects one.

Cre­ate a new switcher

Click + to cre­ate a new switcher. This one will be specif­i­cally for list­ing open win­dows. Set the top-left menu to Cy­cle Win­dows, “Sort by” to App Name > Win­dow Ti­tle, and the ori­en­ta­tion di­rec­tion to down.

Ad­just how tabs dis­play

In Sa­fari, add tabs to a win­dow. In Witch, a win­dow with tabs has > next to its ti­tle. Use the ‘ key to drill down. Or ad­just the Mode menu’s set­ting to treat tabs as win­dows, and they’ll then be listed to­gether.

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